A year to be proud of: LowCVP publishes summary of 2019-20 projects and key outputs

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Thu 30 April 2020 View all news

In 2019-20, working in partnership with our highly valued members, LowCVP has delivered outputs from 28 important projects, holding over 100 meetings, workshops and other events and collaborating with around 500 different organisations. A summary of the completed projects is published today and available for download from the LowCVP website.
At LowCVP we are hugely aware of the contribution that our members make, and we all know the power of working together and how it amplifies our collective voice. For the challenging transition that lies ahead, focused, effective collaboration between our members and government to help shape the transport policies and initiatives needed for recovery has never been more important. That’s the benefit of being a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.
LowCVP's full 2020-21 work programme will be announced shortly. How we begin to kick-start the country’s recovery from today’s crisis will shape our future for many years to come. A sustainable environment and stable climate are fundamental to our future economic prosperity and social wellbeing and these concerns must be at the centre of policy considerations as we emerge from the lockdown. 
The flagship project in 2019-20 was the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce. This highly influential initiative brought together government and over 350 diverse organisations across the energy, transport and mobility sectors, to ensure that Britain is ready to fully embrace the benefits of mass EV uptake. Together they collaborated on the 21 far-reaching proposals found in the “Energising Our Electric Vehicle Transition” report, launched on 14 January 2020.  At the request of government, this was established and facilitated by LowCVP.
Brief summaries and key links for all LowCVP's 2019-20 project outputs can be downloaded here

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