£65m available for innovative Zero Emission Road Transport projects through Horizon Europe

Fri 21 July 2023 View all news

All UK organisations are fully eligible to apply for Horizon Europe funding for innovative projects in the Toward Zero Emission Road Transport (2ZERO) initiative. Successful UK organisations receive their funding either directly from the EU (if the UK's association to Horizon Europe has been finalised) or from Innovate UK via IFS using the UK Government’s Horizon Europe Guarantee Scheme.

Many of the Horizon Europe projects are funded at 100% of direct costs, plus another 25% of that towards indirect costs, for all project participants. Only the high Technology Readiness Level projects fall below that and then only for ‘for-profit’ organisations.

There are six different forthcoming competitions whose expected outcomes and scope has already been published because these all require an international consortium that can take some time to put together.

A recent UK success story is the participation of Tevva and Cenex in a Horizon Europe project called NextETRUCK along with consortium partners from Austria, Spain, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. Participation in an international project like this gives the UK partners phenomenal exposure to the whole European automotive supply chain who will be following developments in this project very closely.

To find out how you can participate and for help with your application, including consortium building, contact the Horizon Europe UK National Contact Point for Transport, Louise Mothersole.

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