Zemo Partnership brings together a wide range of organisations with a stake in the move to cleaner vehicles and fuels and is the only group working for this goal in the same way in the UK.

Zemo Partnership became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in April 2009 (as the then Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership). Over 200 organisations have joined  since and new members can join using the online application form. Members actively participating come from:

  • Automotive industries - including supply chain organisations
  • Fuel and energy industries - including alternative fuel suppliers
  • Technology providers
  • Transport operators
  • Motoring and consumer groups
  • Environmental organisations
  • R&D and the academic community
  • Finance and investment community
  • Government (local and central)
  • Regulatory bodies

Membership is conditional on active commitment to and engagement in the drive to low carbon road transportation. Applicants for membership are required to sign up to a list of principles. Activities are likely to require collaboration between partners who may not traditionally have worked together.

Members have privileged insight and input into the highest levels of corporate and government policy making, the opportunity to collaborate on programmes that influence Government policy addressing market and other barriers to the introduction of lower carbon vehicles and fuels.

In addition to the opportunities for networking and profile-raising, member benefits include conference discounts, and access to the latest information on news, events and policy developments relating to the low carbon agenda. Click here to see the full range of member benefits.

You can search for organisations interested in particular aspects of the low carbon road transport agenda using the search box, or simply scroll through the alphabetical list of members in the Member Directory.