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Sapsford Consulting Engineers Ltd (SCE)

3, Longlands Spinney
BN14 9NU
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 07764245740

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

I spent 32 years at Ricardo looking after gasoline ICE development and latterly development of Ricardo's strategy for electrification. Since leaving I have become passionate about adopting life-cycle analysis as the method to make informed technology choices and believe we will need a mixture of propulsion system solutions in order to meet our climate change and air quality imperatives.

I am also trying to promote the use of renewable fuels as part of that solution, using motorsport as a beacon to educate the public that there other, complementary ways to do this.

I also serve as a visiting professor at the University of Cardiff and am a member of the Industrial Advisor Network at the University of Nottingham, representing transport. I am chair of the Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group at the IMechE.

Reseach & Development

Life-cycle analysis Alternative fuels, renewable fuels, low carbon fuels, biofuels, synthetic fuels, efuels

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