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Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University
50 Shakespeare Street
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 0115 941 8418

Sector: Environmental, academic and other

Researchers across Nottingham Trent University are engaged in activities supporting the sustainable mobilities transition, in Nottingham and across the UK. We work in a city that is at the forefront of mobility transitions, with policies to decarbonise transport (part-funded by a Workplace Parking Levy), support EV uptake (private and commercial), and promote active travel, as it seeks to become carbon neutral by 2028. A wide range of domain expertise, spanning design, engineering, energy, mathematics, computer science, the built environment, psychology, policy, strategy and business, is being combined in multidisciplinary research. Strengths include vehicular connectivity and autonomous vehicles, wireless computing, novel traffic control methods and predictions; mobility-related aspects of the ‘Internet of Things’ including ‘Internet of Connected Vehicles’; E-mobility-centric smart grids and smart charging in a smart cities environment to promote access to secure and affordable electricity; taking sustainable vehicles beyond ‘zero emissions’; and the mathematical modelling and analysis of noise and vibration levels of automotive structures. Social science contributions to multidisciplinary research include public policy (including the policy drivers of sustainability transitions), strategy (including the optimal responses of the UK auto industry to the Road to Zero), and the integration of EVs into systems tackling energy and transport poverty. There is also multidisciplinary research in mobility and safety from the perspective and behaviour of users, including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. This is an essential complement to the advances in autonomous vehicles and their public acceptance. Such work informs the activities of the Road User Behaviour Working Group (based within the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) and NDORS course content (such as the Speed Awareness course). External research partners include Nottingham City Council, the Connected Places Catapult, Intelligent Transport Systems, Franklin Energy, Tarmac, Transport for Greater Manchester and CleanCar.

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