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York Science Park
Innovation Way
YO10 5DG
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01904 435 182

Sector: Environmental, academic and other

We are the UK's National Centre for renewable materials and technologies, and provide independent advice and information to industry, government and the general public. Established in 2003, the NNFCC helps to build supply chains for plant-derived renewable materials so that good ideas become products you can buy. We develop and assess the scientific evidence on renewable materials and only recommend products that will deliver environmental benefits.

The NNFCC is the UK's independent authority on plant-based renewable materials and technologies, brings products to market by building and strengthening supply chains, supports producers, manufacturers and consumers and provides comprehensive information on all sectors.

For more information on non-food crops, renewable materials and their relevance to sustainability, climate change and the environment, please explore the NNFCC website.

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