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Mechadyne International Limited

Park Farm Technology Centre
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01869 350 903

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Mechadyne researches, develops and licenses advanced valvetrain systems for internal combustion engines. Our cost-effective proven technologies use Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) to produce greener, more efficient engines.

Our VVA products cover the following key areas:

  • Variable valve lift and duration.
  • Concentric camshafts.
  • Twin-output camshaft phasers.

Application of these technologies to internal combustion engines can significantly improve all aspects of their performance from power and torque (down-sizing and down-speeding) to fuel economy and emissions.

Reseach & Development

1. The NICE project (part of SUSTDEV-2.1.1): A diesel research engine using exhaust secondary valve lift and variable intake valve closing. Test results show significant HC and CO reduction, improved after-treatment efficiency, and reduced specific fuel consumption.

2. The SYNERGY project: Application of an advanced air-management system for low CO2 emissions in a hybrid diesel powertrain.

3. Improved scavenging through use of an Exhaust secondary lift: Use of a short exhaust pre-lift in combination with a turbo-charger for significant increases in specific output, giving opportunities for both down-sizing and down-speeding (reduced CO2).

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