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John Lewis Partnership

Doncastle Road
RG12 8YB
United Kingdom

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Sector: Transport operators and consumer organisations

John Lewis Partnership has committed that they will cease using fossil fuels in their 4,500 strong commercial vehicle fleet by 2030, and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. They will do this by using EVs in all cases where that is practical, and by using biomethane in their heavy trucks (followed by catenary ERS when that becomes available). Their fleet of 600 refrigerated trailers will be powered electrically.

Progress to date includes running more than half their 600 heavy duty trucks on biomethane, and starting trials of electric delivery vehicles, including the first refrigerated wirelessly charged electric vans in the UK.

The Partnership works closely with academics, trade bodies and policymakers to select the best technologies to use, conduct robust trials and help create the business case to move to net-zero.

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