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Helixx Industries Ltd

Unit 5.1 Hatch End Industrial Estate
Fir Lane
Middle Aston
OX25 5QL
United Kingdom

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Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

By 2050, 6.6 billion people will be living in urban areas - that’s more than were alive in the year 2000. The world has already changed, and electric vehicles need to move beyond private car ownership. Anybody who’s spent time in a city will know that replacing petrol cars with electric versions there’d still be congestion problem and therefore, many cities have already invested in new urban mass transport systems, but the key to replacing private cars is within the “first mile / last mile” - taking goods and people directly to the doorstep. HELIXX is not simply planning to build new electric vehicles for these cities.

HELIXX will offer local business investors the opportunity to run a local Urban Mobility Hub through a subscription to the HELIXX Industry 5.0 platform. This “factory in a box” will provide everything needed to build, sell and support low-cost commercial EVs for their local city. Franchisees will be able to go from owning an empty building to delivering their first vehicle in just 180 days. Their customers will be fleet vehicle operators and small businesses running services such as ride-hailing or local deliveries, who’ll also be able to lease vehicles and services also through the HELIXX platform.

This approach reduces manufacturing waste and CO2 and allows older vehicles to be easily refreshed to keep them on the road longer. And, not simply recycling materials by repurposing components for a second life. Our Industry 5.0 platform will become a key enabler to help cities to grow sustainably and reach net zero mobility.

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