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Greenpeace UK

Canonbury Villas
N1 2PN
United Kingdom


Sector: Environmental, academic and other
We are working on an international project that will target big corporations to sign a pledge and dramatically cut the amount of oil they use in their transport operations and express support for the creation of an Arctic sanctuary and their opposition to Arctic oil imports. This would increase the pressure on the oil majors (who have the most expensive oil in the market place) and increase risk for investors in those oil companies. If only 16 major companies sign up to the Pledge and reduce their oil consumption by 25% within 5 years, there will be no need for the Prirazlomnaye, the first operating oil drilling platform in the icy Arctic waters. We estimate that the sales of electric vehicles could double overnight, if only 20 companies worldwide switched to buying only EVs. Greenpeace believes that major companies have the power to change and to transform the market. Vehicle purchases in Europe, America and in other parts of the world are dominated by corporations. If we can change businesses’ buying patterns – there will be a major boost in demand for greener vehicles, which can significantly drive down oil demand. It is the first Greenpeace campaign to tackle global oil demand itself and provide solutions for the oil problem at the same time.

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