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Dynamon Ltd

Gamma House, Enterprise Road
University of Southampton Science Park
SO16 7NS
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 02380985410

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Dynamon provides analytical tools to help fleets transition to EV vehicles and electrified operations in the most cost effective manner, the first time. We do this by identifying vehicles to move to EV, provide insights in which EV vehicles would be the best fit for the operations, complete data modelling showing electricity demand and where/when it is needed, assist in simulating different infrastructure designs to cover depot/home/public charging needs, compare energy tariffs and TCO insights moving a fleet from ICE to EV.
Our transition platform is a tool used by partners to enhance the data insights they can provide to their own customers – it is not spreadsheet based so we are able to combine complex data sets and run multiple simulations to get the optimum purchasing strategy for a fleet. The platform allows for these simulations to be done for hundreds of depots and thousands of vehicles quickly and easily.

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