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Cornwall Insight

Floor 3, Union Building
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01603 604400

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Cornwall Insight is the pre-eminent provider of research, analysis, consulting and training to businesses and stakeholders engaged in the GB, Australian and Irish energy markets. Our independent experts focus on regulatory, policy, and commercial issues. The Cornwall Insight team leverages a powerful combination of quantitative analytical capability, qualitative and practical understanding of how the markets function, and a detailed appreciation of industry codes, procurement models and policy frameworks. Cornwall Insight works closely with clients across official bodies (BEIS, Ofgem, LCCC), retailers/suppliers (new and established, household and business), metering companies, generation (renewables, conventional fossil fuels, flexible and peaking), storage and demand side, network companies (national and regional), sector investors (equity and debt), market intermediaries, and end customers. Working across such a wide range of clients provides us with unrivalled insights and understanding of the links between different segments of the entire energy and electric vehicle value chains, both today and in the future. We are able to rapidly track how changes in each segment will play out across the whole system, and the impacts they will have on different companies. As a project team, we are delivering detailed fleet decarbonisation and EV uptake support to parties across the market, including trade bodies, site owners & operators, large end users, vehicle manufacturers, chargepoint operators, equity and debt investors, energy suppliers, third party intermediaries, and network companies.

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