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Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited

43 City Industrial Park
Southern Road
SO15 1HG
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 02380 118 670

Sector: Fuel or energy supplier

Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited are a UK based engineering firm that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of commercial refuelling solutions, including associated storage tanks, transfer and dispensing equipment. We are particularly recognised for our innovations in technology which embrace both the reduction of harmful emissions and those which help protect the environment. This includes pioneering the uptake of Hydrogen ensuring its safe integration into the commercial sector. Our body of work includes authoring technical guidance which promotes awareness and improves working practices throughout the industry at an international level. In addition to our fuelling solutions and guidance contributions, we are also recognised as the UK’s leading Independent AdBlue supplier. Our product is used by approximately 1 in 50 of all the HGV’s on the UK’s roads.

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