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Campbells Consultancy

The Old Police Station
Golden Hill, Leyland
PR25 3NN
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01772286225

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

We are a consultancy company completely focused on the light and heavy commercial vehicle industry and specialising in the adoption of alternative fuels to this sector, believing low / zero emission vehicle make more sense in our sector than often in many passengers car cases. We attend / speak / moderate at many "Green" agenda conferences around the world and have been instrumental in developing a strategy for many clients, which of course is accelerating as we enter the next decade.

Our business is well known within the UK and European commercial vehicle industry and we have over 50 years experience of serving the sector with our focus firmly set on the drive for low carbon alternatives in our sector.

Reseach & Development

Campbells Consultancy are the by-word for quality in the commercial vehicle industry with over 40 years of experience we are considered by many to be one of the world’s leading consultancy company operating solely within the commercial vehicle and allied industries, with clients world wide. The extensive experience of the senior management team has earned the respect of a long list of manufacturers and ensured a regular flow of business. Our knowledge is as wide and varied as the industry we work in.

Whatever your needs – we have the solution, Consultancy based around Autonomy, Connectivity and Electricity (ACE) but for commercials we add a "P" for Profitability so it's called "PACE", and we understand this issue.

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