Commitments and Principles

Zemo Partnership members agree that:

  1. Climate change is an urgent problem requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be dramatically reduced locally - according to the UK’s net zero objectives - and globally, to limit the risk of serious impacts.
  2. Road transport creates one fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions and must play its full part in the transition to net zero emissions through a combination of improved vehicle technology, use of alternative fuels and responsible vehicle use.
  3. Government, industry, users and other stakeholders share responsibility for accelerating the supply of, and demand for, zero emission vehicles and fuels and technologies which contribute to the overall achievement of net zero.
  4. The UK should provide leadership to the international community by demonstrating how to achieve a sustainable pathway to a net zero transport future, thereby stimulating opportunities for UK-based businesses.
  5. Working collaboratively through a multi-stakeholder cross sector partnership is an effective means to accelerate transport to zero emissions.

Member Commitment to Change

We agree:

  • That the time for change is now. Road transport creates one-fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a dangerous future of climate change. This cannot continue as it is: air quality and transport pollution are problems we need to solve.
  • That pursuing a target of zero tailpipe emissions and net zero lifecycle emissions is necessary to achieve these ambitions.

As a Zemo Partnership member, we pledge:

  • Our commitment to accelerating transport to zero emissions
  • To play an active role within Zemo Partnership
  • To continue taking meaningful actions in my/our organisation to reduce transport emissions
  • To work collaboratively and openly with other members