Zero Emission Ancillaries – Developing the Evidence Base

Background and Challenge

Zemo Partnership’s Commercial Vehicle Working Group will continue its successful engagement with the commercial vehicle ancillary systems sector, raising awareness and disseminating its findings to date.


  • To build the evidence base relating to commercial vehicle ancillary systems, including but not limited to 'transport refrigeration units' (TRU).
  • To raise awareness of the GHG emission impact of ancillary systems.
  • To promote the TRU test report on Zemo Partnership’s website and seek external presentation opportunities.

Subject to funding, additional objectives are:

  • To deliver phase 2 of the TRU test programme, including the development of combined test cycles and the testing of emerging ancillary technologies.
  • To identify the barriers and opportunities associated with low carbon/zero emission ancillary systems and to establish a plan of action for the sector.

Actions and Outputs

Publication of TRU Transport Scotland test report

  • Dissemination workshop for TRU test report.
  • Phase 2 TRU test programme and report (subject to funding).
  • Action plan and recommendations for the ancillary system sector (subject to funding).


  • TRU Report – July 2021
  • Ongoing promotion and engagement – March 2022
  • Phase 2 TRU test programme – March 2022 (subject to funding)
  • Ancillary system sector recommendations – March 2022 (subject to funding)
Brian Robinson

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

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