Accelerating the Zero Emissions Van Market

Stimulating the zero emissions van market is critical in achieving the UK’s transport objectives.

We’re working with our members to help shape Government policies, incentives and regulations; and with industry to improve the consistency of information provided and help operators fully understand the benefits of new technologies and make the best purchasing decisions.

Full Project Brief (members only)

  • To identify a WLTP-based dataset for new van registrations to provide this information,
  • To make recommendations for its effective presentation to consumers and operators.             
  • Establish a member steering group to provide guidance to Zemo analysis and report writing/data presentation
  • Review existing information provision
  • Highlight problem areas in data provision and propose remedial actions
  • Produce a Zemo report, defining problem and recommending improvement actions
  • Report recommendations to be communicated to relevant stakeholders.
  • Form steering group May 2022
  • Report publication October 2022
Brian Robinson

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

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