Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme Policy and Support

Background and Challenge

The project forms part of the ongoing support, development and technical guidance/monitoring of the established Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) established by Zemo Partnership (as LowCVP) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST). This involves a monthly monitoring meeting with EST and DEFRA’s Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), regular ad hoc discussions with EST as well as system suppliers and test houses.


Activity in collaboration with EST as scheme administrators and lead:

  • To conduct a technical review of application and emission data.
  • To support enquiries related to new technology applications and test processes.
  • To promote both the Clean Air Zones (CAZ) broad activity and the CVRAS options (via Retrofit Guide) for CAZ compliance.
  • To conduct specific activity to review PM2.5 impacts of Retrofits and provide a short summary report to JAQU.
  • To undertake a specific role in advising on new tests/facilities and new approvals under testing fund (operated by EST).
  • To coordinate with ZEVRAS and in-service verification projects.

Actions and Outputs

  • Promotion of Guide and Retrofits to support Clean Air Zone roll-outs.
  • Retrofit roundtable workshops for specific sectors.
  • Zemo Partnership website project presence including digital copy of the Retrofit Guide. 
  • Regular review and promotion of the EST CVRAS website and register.


April 2021 – March 2022

Zemo Partnership Lead:
James McGeachie

Technical & Programme Director

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