Car Market Information

Background & Challenge

With three times as many used cars changing hands as new, and the emergence of all the new powertrain systems into the second hand market, the used car buyer can become confused. Previous work on new car labels has shown how fragmented the information available to car buyers is, especially in the second-hand car market. This project aims to coordinate the critical information needed to make informed decisions for both new and used buyers and will be run in close collaboration with involved organisations such as BVRLA, NFDA, Autotrader etc.


  • To prioritise the key data needed by second-hand car buyers about the newer, cleaner vehicle technologies available and the potential cost and emissions savings that can be made
  • To coordinate the collation of necessary information affecting car drivers when selecting a vehicle (e.g. Clean Air Zone compliance, tax costs, fuel costs etc)
  • To produce comprehensive, useful tools to help car buyers choose the cleanest, greenest cars available to them

Actions & Outputs

  • Collect evidence and, potentially, create a central database of available used car information
  • Produce guidance document for car dealers
  • Dissemination & stakeholder engagement


April 2020 – March 2021

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Alec Thomson

Project Manager

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