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ViriCiti B.V.

Kabelweg 57

Switchboard: +31 20 771 78 17

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

ViriCiti was found in 2012 with a mission to accelerate the adoption of commercial electric transportation globally. We believe the world is moving towards a sustainable future in which commercial transportation will be undeniably zero-emissions and we want to play a role in this transition. Over the last 8 years, ViriCiti gained immense experience in electric and non-electric fleet management, by helping operators around the world to understand their fleets better.

ViriCiti is deeply rooted in electromobility. Our core features are developed based on a thorough understanding of electric vehicle performance and factors influencing it. The company at first aimed to develop tools enabling operators to predict and understand their energy performance. Later, ViriCiti dove deeper into the understanding of the behaviour of every vehicle component that impacts operational costs. Today it is possible to link the impact of different internal (ex: HVAC, BMS) and external components (ex: weather) not only to vehicle energy/fuel performance but also to performance and ageing of specific vehicle components.

ViriCiti works with a variety of fleets, some of them are little and solely electric, some of them count 300-400+ vehicles and consist of different types of propulsion. Our system simplifies electric fleet management and this encourages EV uptake in the industry. Moreover, our team values collaboration and knowledge sharing among various industry stakeholders. We try to facilitate such environment by sharing lessons learned, conclusions and findings based on aggregated data collected through our operation.

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