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University of Brighton

School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics
Cockcroft Building
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01273 600900

Sector: Environmental, academic and other

Led by Professor Morgan Heikal, the CAE has an international reputation for producing innovative, future-facing research. Our mission is to improve automotive engineering performance and impacts by investigating more efficient engines and developing cleaner fuels. We investigate and optimise complex engine combustion processes and develop laser-based measurement techniques, fundamental modelling and computational simulation.

Our focus is on applied research and development for the solution of industrial and commercial challenges. The CAE has built a 20-year partnership with Ricardo UK Ltd, resulting in the establishment of the world-leading Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratories (SHRL) and a rich, ongoing collaboration. We conduct pioneering work on novel low carbon internal combustion systems and have a direct environmental impact through creating greater fuel efficiency and developing ways in which to reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions.

Together with our numerous industrial partners, we continually invest in facilities, equipment and our researchers to help us build new capabilities, refine our modelling and simulation methods and exploit fully our joint expertise. Our research team collaborates on a national and international scale, with more than 40 academic institutions and 30 commercial companies and receives a balance of funding from government, Research Councils and industry.

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