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UK Petroleum Industry Association

Swan House, 6th Floor
37-39 High Holborn
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 020 7269 7600

Sector: Fuel or energy supplier

The UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA) is the trade association for the UK downstream oil sector. It represents the interests of member companies and associate members across the industry who are involved in the refining, manufacture, distribution and marketing of liquid and gaseous fuels in the UK.

UKPIA is at the forefront of the debate on how the UK’s downstream oil sector can support the path to industry and transport decarbonisation, supporting efforts by our members and organisations such as Concawe in developing low-carbon alternatives. In 2019 UKPIA published its own ‘Future Vision’ report that includes how low-carbon fuels can help in delivering a low-carbon economy. The report is available on UKPIA’s website.

UKPIA also works in BSI and CEN to ensure that fuel specifications evolve as vehicles and fuels develop, as an oil industry focal point in emergencies and as a source of data on the UK refining and marketing industry and its products.

UKPIA has been a member of the Zemo Partnership since it was formed (as LowCVP) and has supported the Fuels Working Group's initial work on both greenhouse gas life cycle analysis and environmental sustainability criteria. Both these projects have been taken up by DfT funded consultants and are now being further developed.

UKPIA acts as an industry focal point for low carbon fuels matters and providing responses to UK Government on policy areas such as the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation, Motor Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations, and E10.

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