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Unit 4, Whitney Court,
Hamilton Street,
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 07714040639

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

TRAILAR is a multi-award winning transport innovation company that utilises cutting edge, solar technology onto commercial vehicles to save substantial fuel, emissions, and maintenance costs. With a proven record of success, reinforced by an industry-leading customer base, our innovation is becoming a part of what future transport operations will look like. Being unlike any other fuel saving technology, TRAILAR’s USP makes use of on-board telematics to allow for continuous fuel saving figures to be captured and presented back to the customer. This capability gives TRAILAR on-going evidence of its solutions benefits, to both its users and the wider public.

We provide the ability to proactively manage vehicle fleets instead of companies of all sizes falling victim of standard transport operational issues. This appears in the form of battery status reporting, tail-lift counts, break tests in transit, and other deep performance data. Ryder Rental, the UK & US largest vehicle leasing company, identified TRAILAR’s potential and value within 4 months of our inception, as they negotiated a UK exclusivity deal for the rigid product. This partnership has been recently extended due to the powerful USP it has given Ryder to win business, as well as the support it provides to TRAILAR to grow rapidly within the UK market.

Being part of the DPDHL Group, TRAILAR is soon becoming a standard vehicle specification for the world’s largest logistics company and its customers. DHL Supply Chain as of March 2020 has announced a global mandate that all new owned and leased rigids, trailers and refrigerated vans that meet set criteria, will have TRAILAR as standard. Another giant to follow suit is Royal Mail UK. The UK’s largest fleet operator had conducted a large trial of the trailer solution within its fleet.

In May 2020 the company announced that it will utilise TRAILAR as standard across all of its double deck trailers going forward, due to the operational and sustainability benefits it brings. This is a small number of successes TRAILAR has managed to obtain in its first 2 years of operation, with its simple solution architecture allowing for quick penetration into the new markets such as electric vehicles, public transport and waste collection.

TRAILAR is here to support and drive transport businesses performance through the utilisation of innovative green technologies, with the goal to save 100 million litres of fuel and 268,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 5 years.

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