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Pro2 Automotive Engineering Limited

46 Swan Street
ME19 6LP
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01732 841001

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Pro2 are an OEM supplier with a difference; providing support for experiential programmes, specialist engineering support and engineer training for OEM's such as Lotus and Jaguar Land Rover. Engineer Training Pro2 provide a bespoke training programme using our experience of training engineers worldwide. Our training helps engineers understand the practical side of vehicle assessment and vehicle dynamics. - Highly successful Pro² development driving process for testing and evaluating vehicles includes bespoke tuition to achieve your requirements. - We design a programme that will cover what you want your engineers to learn. Engineering Support We provide both whole vehicle and area specific testing support in objective and subjective assessment. We are experts in managing durability programmes in most countries in the world. - Durability Assessment - All aspects of durability and accelerated mileage test programmes including: - Preparation and instrumentation of vehicles - Logistical planning and support for international testing programmes - Secure workshop facilities - Full vehicle data acquisition with real-time location monitoring Subjective Assessment - Experienced individual- and jury-based assessment of vehicles including: - NVH assessment - Ride and Handling - Departure from linearity and limit handling assessment Objective Assessment - Full preparation and instrumentation of vehicles including displacement, velocity, acceleration, strain, temperature, high accuracy GPS with base station. - Objective dynamic testing for chassis fingerprinting and benchmarking including analysis and interpretation of results - Component testing in static/dynamic environments and rig-based testing

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