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Peerbyte Ltd

B4/B5 Rock Business Park
The Hollow
RH20 3DA
United Kingdom


Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

PeerByte’s mission is to bring forward innovations to extend vehicle life and improve overall vehicle efficiency by leveraging the electrification trend, resulting in a positive impact on the environment As a new technology start-up, we are concentrating in two areas – Development of unique software that permits easy integration of standard HV components and systems Using this technology, development of prototype up-fit REEV conversions for N1 and other classes of vehicles This would allow large local delivery fleet operators (typically, but not limited to supermarket) to extend the working life of existing N1 vehicles by +/- 5years and by adoption of geo-fencing permit operation at zero emissions in LEZ areas It would also bridge the gap – new N1 EV’s are not available in significant numbers, are very expensive and cannot meet the performance (range or payload) requirements of fleet operators We fully support the UK climate change targets.

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