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224 Newhall Road
S9 2QL

Switchboard: 0114 244 8416

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Magtec design and manufacture drive systems for a wide range of Hybrid and Electric commercial vehicles including trucks and buses and off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles from 1.5 to 26t GVW. Magtec are the UK’s largest and longest established manufacturer of electric drive systems for commercial vehicles and have been providing real-world drive system solutions for more than 20 years. Magtec currently supply leading vehicle OEMs with drive system packages that include traction motors, mechanical transmissions, power controllers, battery and vehicle control systems. Our packages also include ancillary equipment for air, hydraulic power and low voltage power giving a single integrated drive system solution that is compact, easy to install and maintain. Magtec currently supply to a number of vehicle OEM’s in Europe, North America and China.

Magtec‘s drives are based upon its proprietary high performance PM motor technology which gives the highest possible efficiency whilst minimising the drive system weight. This gives significantly more miles per charge for EV’s and improved fuel efficiency in hybrid vehicles. Whilst Magtec’s products are based upon the best underlying technology, the products are designed to for use in the commercial vehicle environment and are robust, durable and well proven in both on and off-road environments.

Magtec also have a vehicle engineering facility where we undertake the first-of-kind installations for our OEM customer and where we also provide a retrofit service for customers who wish to replace the conventional drives systems in their existing fleets of vehicles with an EV or HEV solution.

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