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Hubl Logistics Limited

St Johns Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 07913852041

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Hubl is working towards developing technologies and systems to support the decarbonisation of freight transport. Its focus and the first now available product is CoolRun, a multi-temperature transport container which enables zero-emission refrigerated transport. Its key application is for the foodservice delivery sectors and urban delivery networks (Grocery and Pharmaceuticals). Technologies under development include: FreightLite is a lightweight truck body and automated loading system that integrates the CoolRun pod providing a delivery "system." FreightHub: an automated multitemperature micro cross-dock and click and collect. Hubls' ultimate objective is to see a service network integrating its proprietary technologies operating within cities and enabling zero-emission, cost-effective and sustainable deliveries to both businesses and consumers.

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