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De Waal 24

Switchboard: +31 088 5016 300

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Heliox is dedicated to transforming inspiring ideas into innovative and reliable power products and services on the basis of intensive R&D and close collaboration with our commercial partners. Our solutions for operators of electric vehicles are the result of intensive research and years of practical experience in designing and producing cutting-edge charging technology. Because of that, our company is at the forefront of technological development in charging infrastructures - from bus fleets and passenger ferries, to e-trucks and autonomous vehicles. We drive the industry’s progress in smart energy management solutions, harnessing technology in innovations that enable responsible choices for cleaner, greener transport systems. We collaborate, research and innovate to deliver smart energy management solutions, tailor-made for every customer and supporting them in their transition to sustainable e-transport. Since every situation is unique, we work with our customers to understand their specific challenges and advise on the best charging strategy for them. We provide sustainable solutions that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop after our products have been installed: our comprehensive service offer means we can guarantee the reliability you require for your charging infrastructure and maximize uptime of your fleet. We utilise remote monitoring so that problems can be diagnosed and fixed remotely where possible – or we’ll arrange an engineer to get things fixed. We operate our chargers to the latest versions of the Open Charge point Protocol (OCPP), so you can rest assured that it is compatible with any back-office system. We can also offer additional services such as monitoring your energy bill, maintenance time or scheduled cleaning to help optimize efficient management.

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