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Sector: Transport operators and consumer organisations

Geotab is an open connected car platform, telematics provider and IOT enabler for fleets operators. The telematics industry has evolved to more than just a dot on the map, driver behaviour modules and preventative maintenance schedules. As experts in vehicle data, we are now utilising fleet data and providing feasibility assessments to help businesses understand where within their fleet they can effectively go electric, ensuring those vehicles will be range capable and cost-competitive from a total cost of ownership perspective. Furthermore, once fleets move to electric provide the data insights required to manage those EVs effectively. Real-time state-of-charge to understand when the vehicle needs to return to the deport and charge. Insights into charging sessions, the battery starting and endpoint charge, and how much kWh energy was consumed, and what was the cost. EVs are not like conventional vehicles that can fuel up in seconds, a fleet operator requires visibility of when the vehicle will be ready for the next run. We work with UK fleets of 10 vehicles to the thousands, providing the data-driven insights to make evidence-based decisions into electric vehicle fleet operations. We would welcome the opportunity to showcase our technology, share knowledge of EV transition and fleet operations, and help stakeholders understand why 'data' is the key to unlocking a number of doors in e-mobility transition.

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