Member Details

Gas Vehicle Network

Camden House
Warwick Road
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01926 513777

Sector: Environmental, academic and other

GVN Network is an organisation that includes members from across the end-to-end GVN Industry.

Its aims are:

Achieve essential developments in policy for the enhancement of the UK’s GVN industry, through targeted lobbying and education;

  • Facilitate growth in the UK GVN industry through co-ordinated and combined marketing and promotional activity focusing on the benefits of GVNs (GHG, air quality, noise);
  • Stimulate investment in gas transport technology and infrastructure demonstrations and innovations (e.g. via Innovation Projects supported by Gas Distribution companies);
  • Provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and support between network members, e.g. to solve technical issues, obtain funding and drive cost efficiency;
  • Work with key partners to define the health, safety, technical and quality standards essential to the GVN industry, and to ensure the industry is able to deliver the skills and training required to ensure these standards are satisfied.

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