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Hultsteins - Delivering Diesel Free Transport Refrigeration Hultsteins, is a Swedish and British hydraulic refrigeration systems manufacturer. It’s been designing and producing hydraulic and electric-drive transport refrigeration systems in Sweden, which have been operated across the Nordic countries and Northern Europe for over 5 decades. Hydraulic drive fridge units use an engine PTO-driven hydraulic pump to harness the energy from the truck engine to drive the fridge. This delivers the requisite power to ensure 100% cooling capacity is available at idle speed and applies to single temperature or multi - temperature operations in various configurations, to suit operators’ requirements.

Hulsteins hydraulic drive fridge units offer the lowest carbon & emissions footprint currently available for transport refrigeration. Couple this with ultra-low operating and maintenance costs, excellent reliability and a long working life and operators have the near - perfect TRU. Hultsteins also manufactures Ecogen, an electro – hydraulic drive system . Ecogen does not replace the existing diesel refrigeration system, but instead works in tandem with the fridge unit and generates a constant 400V at idle speed. This transforms the diesel unit in a hybrid solution. It will run any marque of diesel fridge, utilising its built-in electric motor. It fits to any marque of rigid or tractor unit. 

Ecogen also offers their SG version that fits to the back of the chassis cab so it fits to any 6X2 tractor. Ideal when no space is available on a crowded chassis. ( Ecogen requires engine PTO to be fitted truck engine) Hulsteins Ecogen operators benefit from reduced fuel consumption, reduced carbon and lower noise. Plus, the system greatly reduces Nox and particulate emissions. The maintenance requirement of the host fridge system is reduced, and the life of the diesel fridge unit is extended.

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