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Denis Ferranti Group

Caernarfon Road
LL57 4SP
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01248 370370

Sector: Automotive supplier, consultant or technology provider

Denis Ferranti Group supplies safe, high performance motors, controllers and power inverters for electric aircraft and vehicles. We design and build to specification permanent magnet and induction motors driven by our own SiC converters. leveraging an existing portfolio of core technologies, intellectual property and know how. As a vertically integrated manufacturing organisation, the business incorporates all the skills, know-how and capital equipment required for mechanical / electronic manufacturing and testing of electrical machines and power systems. To date we have designed PM and induction machines to meet aeronautics safety, reliability and performance requirements. The core technologies offer high power, speed and power density machines that can operate in harsh environments for long operating periods. The first ‘automotive product’ in advanced development is a 500kW/670bhp permanent magnet motor ideal for high performance full electric passenger cars, heavy duty trucks, off highway & mining vehicles. A rare earth free 200kW induction motor is being developed for full electric light duty vans & buses.

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