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LowCVP News - 31 January 2013 Issue 101

LowCVP celebrates 10 years of cutting carbon from road transport - new car emissions down a quarter in decade

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is celebrating 10 years of leading the shift to greener cars, buses, trucks and vans as well as the fuels which drive them. Average UK new car CO2 emissions are down by nearly a quarter over the last ten years; the most rapid progress in new car energy efficiency in recent UK history. In the last quarter of 2012, 10% of new cars sold emitted less than 100g CO2/km.

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Policy Developments

Government publishes response to Transport Committee plug-in vehicles inquiry

The Government has given a response to the Transport Select Committee's Inquiry into 'Plug-in vehicles, plugged in policy?' which was critical of some aspects of Government policy in relation to electric and hybrid vehicles. The Government says it remains “wholly committed to the policy of encouraging the early market for plug-in vehicles”, as part of a long-term strategic benefit to the UK. Government will continue to promote the UK as a key market and provide support through grants until at least 2015.

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Commission launches strategy for alternative fuel development across Europe

The European Commission has launched a 'Clean Power for Transport Package'  of measures aimed at ensuring the build-up of alternative fuel stations across Europe with common standards for their design and use. The Commission says that clean fuel is being held back by three main barriers: the high cost of vehicles, a low level of consumer acceptance, and the lack of recharging and refuelling stations.

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TfL opens consultation on changes to Congestion Charge discount for low carbon vehicles

Transport for London has announced proposals to make changes to the London Congestion Charge including the creation of a new Ultra Low Emission Discount (ULED). To qualify for the discount vehicles will have to be either pure electric or be cars and vans that emit 75g/km (under 100g/km currently) or less of CO2 and meet the Euro 5 emission standard for air quality. The consultation is open until Friday 8 February.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Low Carbon Champions results announced: Ford, TfL win 10-year achievement awards

To coincide with the celebration of its 10-year anniversary, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) last night presented special awards to two organisations – one public sector and one private - for their endeavours to cut carbon emissions from UK road transport over the last decade. Pictures from the Awards are now available.

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LowCVP Tenth Anniversary video published; Other Anniversary Reception/Awards resources now available

The LowCVP has published a video to mark the organisation's Tenth Anniversary. Other video materials and resources surrounding the Partnership's Tenth Anniversary and Low Carbon Champions Awards - including keynote speeches and news releases - are now available on the LowCVP website. The LowCVP has received positive feedback in a survey about both events.

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LowCVP 10th  Anniversary: Partnership plans bigger carbon cuts; promises to go 'beyond the tailpipe' in second decade

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) launched a renewed strategy for carbon reduction from road transport at the London event held to celebrate 10-years leading the shift to greener cars, buses, trucks and vans and the fuels which drive them.

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Reports & Studies

Executive survey reveals continuing environmental challenges, growing urbanisation and shifting consumer behaviour

KPMG LLP's latest Global Automotive Executive survey has warned that new trends in globalisation, rapid urbanisation and changes in consumer actions will precipitate a significant shift in the automotive landscape over the next five years. The survey suggests the collective impact is expected to be felt across the automotive value chain, and calls for comprehensive changes to motor manufacturers' - and their suppliers'- business models.

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TNO report says that CO2 reductions are overstated due to test-cycle 'flexibilities'

A new report for the European Commission says that so-called 'flexibilities' in testing procedures allow official emission figures to be significantly overstated. The report adds weight to the debate about discrepancies between 'real world' and 'test cycle' emissions.

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'True Costs of Automobility' study says that motoring taxes are significantly outweighed by external costs

A study by transport academics at the Dresden Technical University in Germany calculates that the road accidents, pollution and noise connected to cars costs every EU citizen more than £600 a year. The idea, it says, that the car sector is over-taxed is wrong; on the contrary, car traffic in the EU is highly subsidised by other people and other regions and by future generations.

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EST 'Plugged-in fleets' report reveals potential for fleet cost savings

A new report by the Energy Saving Trust finds that businesses that switch to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles could reduce their fleet fuel costs by 75 per cent.

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Industry News

Avis buys car club start-up Zipcar in $500m US deal

Avis, the car rental company, has agreed to buy Zipcar for around $500m in a move aimed at expanding its operations in the car-share market. The Boards of Directors of both companies unanimously approved the transaction but it has yet to be approved by shareholders and meet other conditions. It is expected to be completed by Spring 2013.

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Climate Change News

Emissions curbs could cut climate impacts by up to two-thirds - new report

The adverse impacts of climate change could be reduced by 20 to 65 per cent if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced more sharply says a new report published in Nature. Meanwhile, recent calculations by NASA and NOAA found that 2012 was one of the ten warmest years on record, confirming the long-term rising trend.

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Other News

£4.5m project launched to cut HGV emissions.

An initiative to improve heavy duty vehicle catalytic conversion efficiencies is to be tackled by a new £4.5m joint venture, a collaboration between the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), Loughborough University, Johnson Matthey and Caterpillar.

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New £6m centre for low carbon vehicle development to open in Sunderland - creates 150 jobs

Gateshead College plans to create an International Centre for Low Carbon Vehicle Development in Sunderland costing £6m and creating around 150 jobs.

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Average motorist would save nearly £1000 a year by going electric calculates Money Saving Expert

An average motorist travelling just under 8,500 miles would save over £950 a year by switching to an electric vehicle according to a survey by Money Saving Expert.com.

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IMechE Seminar: Engine downsizing: how low can we go?
9th Apr 2013

The vehicle manufacturing industry is pushed to achieve stringent emissions standards while consistently improving the fuel consumption of future vehicle platforms. Novel solutions are needed to achieve the level of downsizing required by means of high levels of boosting. (Delegate rate discounts for LowCVP members.)

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New LowCVP Members

New LowCVP Members: Transport Knowledge Transfer Network

Transport Knowledge Transfer Network

New LowCVP Members: Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester

News in Brief

Green cars legislation faces 'dilution', says Irish presidency (Euractiv news link)
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UK achieves record vehicle exports in 2012 (SMMT news link)
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Nissan cuts the price of electric Leaf model (Business Green news link)
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Black carbon has double the greenhouse effect previously thought (Guardian news link)
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T&E research point to a 'win/win/win' situation – more fuel-efficient cars are quieter cars (T&E website)
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New T&E briefing explains the benefits of shifting to a footprint measurement of the utility of vehicles (T&E website)
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EC declares 2013 'Year of the Air' with proposals for improving air quality across Europe
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Japanese develop EV that can pick up charge from electrodes buried under the road
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Animated video on electric vehicles launched by Green Car Guide with LB Camden and EST (Green Car Guide.com link)
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Labour shuffles front bench transport team following John Woodcock resignation (Labour list website link)
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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich invests in Oxford Catalysts firm that turns waste into fuel (BBC news link)
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Global EV web portal launched (worldevcities.org link)
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Nissan and Renault changing marketing strategy for EVs (Autoblog green link)
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Volvo launches plug-in hybrid and other innovations (Volvo press release link)
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Ireland expected to announce Climate Bill soon (EDIE news link)
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