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LowCVP News - 28 March 2013 Issue 103

Budget 2013: Government promises more support for low carbon automotive sector

The Chancellor, George Osborne, promised more Government support for investments in low carbon cars and related technology in his 2013 Budget. There were also changes in the Company Car Tax regime to encourage the take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles and improvements in R&D tax credits. Environment groups criticised the Chancellor, however, for again scrapping a planned increase in fuel duty.

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Reports & Studies

Average new car CO2 emissions down 3.6% in 2012

Average UK new car CO2 emissions were 3.6% better in 2012 than 2011 according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers' (SMMT) latest annual report. The SMMT says that emissions in 2012 were 26.5% better in 2012 than 2000. The figures were released on the same day as a report from a Brussels-based NGO which says that progress over the last decade has been exaggerated because car manufacturers have been getting better at improving test-cycle results which are not fully reflected in real world driving.

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International study says EU new car targets should be based on 'footprint' not weight

Basing the EU’s emissions standards on the weight of a vehicle will make it much harder and more expensive to achieve targets, according to an international study recently published. The International Council for Clean Transportation says that, instead, a vehicle’s ‘footprint’ should be the guiding factor.

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Shift to low carbon vehicles will help consumers and boost economy - report

Moving to low carbon vehicles will cut the total cost of running Europe's car fleet and lead to economic benefits according to the first phase of a new study by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA. The report compares a 'current policy initiatives' scenario with a reference case where there are no advances in efficiency regulation.

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'Behaviour Change Lab' launched to find out how to attract more people to use buses

Greener Journeys has launched a real world 'Behaviour Change Lab' comprising four innovative approaches to attracting people onto buses. The trials - based in Sheffield, Leicester, Manchester and the North East - are testing the effectiveness of a range of different approaches designed to encourage people to change their travel behaviour.

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US study says achieving 80% GHG cut from cars and vans by 2050 is possible

The US National Research Council has released a comprehensive study of the technology potential for cutting oil consumption and GHG emissions by 80% across the U.S. light-duty vehicle fleet in 2050, compared to a 2005 baseline. It is cautiously optimistic that the goal can be achieved but says that this will demand vigorous and sustained public-sector support through “policies emphasizing research and development, subsidies, energy taxes, or regulations.”

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Policy Developments

London to host £150m Future Cities Catapult to help boost innovation and growth

The Government's former Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir David King, will be chair of the new Future Cities Catapult which is being set up with £50m funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The Catapult, to be based in London, will look at ways in which services across areas such as health, transport, energy and public safety can be integrated, helping to boost the economy and benefit citizens.

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EC publishes guidelines towards a common framework on financial incentives for promoting low carbon vehicles

The European Commission has published new guidelines on how member states should use financial incentives to best increase demand for low carbon vehicles. Currently, rules on financial incentives differ across the EU but, the Commission says, a common framework could help facilitate the assembly of larger quantities of such vehicles, prompting lower prices for consumers.

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Industry News

Jaguar Land Rover announces additional £150m investment in low emission engine plant

Jaguar Land Rover is to invest an additional £150m in a new engine manufacturing centre, to open in 2013, which will be home to a new generation of lightweight, four-cylinder, low emission diesel and petrol engines.

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ASA upholds complaint against Audi advertisement citing certified fuel economy figures

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against an advertisement which appeared on the Audi website stating that the "The A3 16 TDI is the most fuel-efficient Audi ever returning a quite remarkable 68.9mpg on a combined cycle". The ASA said that the company should have qualified the figure to make clear to readers that it was based on an EU test for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference 2013 - Thursday July 11, Central London - initial speakers announced

The first speakers for the LowCVP's 2013 annual conference - to be held on Thursday July 11 in Central London - have been announced and include leading representatives of the European Commission, Department for Transport and the Commitee on Climate Change. Held in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) the event will focus around the theme 'Beyond the Tailpipe' which was introduced at the LowCVP's Tenth Anniversary event held in January.

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Technology News

£1.2 million funding for project to create clean fuel from sunlight and CO2

Scientists working to develop a reactor that produces fuels such as methane and methanol using sunlight and carbon dioxide in a bid to cut carbon emissions has been granted £1.2 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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International Developments

Obama looks to Congress to earmark US$2bn for clean fuel car plan

The United States President, Barack Obama, has called on the US Congress to support a plan to use revenues from offshore oil and gas drilling to fund research into advanced vehicle technologies. Under proposals for a new Energy Security Trust, the President wants to funnel $2 billion in revenue over the next 10 years from federal oil and natural gas leases.

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China announces plans for new subsidies for 'greener' cars

China is planning to introduce new subsidies for low carbon vehicles in a plan which is expected to be released in the first half of 2013. Reports say that subsidies will be at 16 levels starting at more than 3,000 yuan (£320).

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The Eco Technology Show
14th Jun 2013

The Eco Technology Show is a leading event for trade, building owners, occupiers, and the general public covering sustainable build, energy, transport and technology.

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EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative
24th Apr 2013

Now in it's 7th edition, the EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative remains a key meeting place for real world experience and the latest EV battery innovations.  LowCVP members can receive a 15% reduction on registration fees.

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UK AD & Biogas 2013
3rd Jul 2013

The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s (ADBA) trade show UK AD & Biogas 2013 is the only exhibition in the country dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and biogas.

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LowCVP - other future activities


Bus Working Group, 14 May. On the agenda: Low Carbon Bus roadmap; TfL fleet; LCEB monitoring; Work programme. 
Passenger Car Working Group, 16 May. On the agenda: Car labelling; work programme development; E10 bioethanol.
Fuels Working Group, 21 May. On the agenda: Clean Fuel Strategy; ILUC position paper; H2 Mobility; E10 bioethanol
Innovation Working Group, 22 May. On the agenda: High-level industry strategy (BIS);Universities/SMEs project; Low Carbon Vehicle Directory; Life-cycle assessment research review; Technology Challenge 2013

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News in Brief

VW makes public commitment to to 95g 2020 target; 120g by 2015 (Energy Live News link)
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Environmental Audit Committee to launch new inquiry into progress on carbon budgets (Parliament.UK news link)
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DfT publishes 'Door-to-Door' strategy to encourage modal integration (DfT report download link)
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Cenex publishes results of Environment Agency's LCV fleet review (Fleet News link)
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Toyota joins Mayor's London Hydrogen Partnership (Fuel Cell Today news link)
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World's first plug-in diesel - from Volvo - gets Plug-in Car Grant approval (Automotive World news link)
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House of Commons publishes report on 'Taxation of Road Fuels' (Report download link)
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Tax changes increase the case for hybrids says Fleet Alliance (Fleet News story link)
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GM plans to ramp up PHEV production capacity by 20% this year says report (Hybrid-EV news link; subs needed for full story)
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Automotive Cleantech - new magazine launched to focus on low carbon innovation in the automotive sector (First issue viewing link)
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Niche Vehicle Network Symposium (March 2013) event review (Green Car Guide.com) 
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Renault's all-electric Kangoo Z.E. wins VansA2Z ecoVan of the Year Award + all results (VansA2Z site link)
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