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LowCVP News - 31 May 2013 Issue 105

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels pass 400ppm

Carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere have exceeded 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time according to measurements taken by a US government agency laboratory on Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Meanwhile, separate reports published in the last month predict a dramatic decline in biodiversity if CO2 emissions are not restrained and a higher than previously predicted sea level rise.

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Policy Developments

DfT announces recipients of funding in 4th round of Green Bus Fund

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced the recipients of £12m funding under the 4th round of the Green Bus Fund. The money will support the acquisition of 213 new low carbon buses which, the Governnment says, will cut carbon, encourage economic growth and provide better services for passengers.

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Reports & Studies

IEA-AMF publishes report to improve the understanding of the concept of life cycle analysis of transportation fuels

A new report by the International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels (IEA-AMF) aims to improve the understanding of the concept of life cycle analysis (LCA) of transportation fuels. It provides guidance to governments considering LCA-based policies and to people who are affected by existing policies or those being developed. With the 2007 announcement of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), the first major fuel carbon intensity regulation in the world, life cycle analysis moved from being a tool used for research to one used for regulation. Other jurisdictions have since followed California’s lead.

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Department for Transport publishes Freight Carbon Review

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a review of the UK's freight transport sector in the context of carbon emissions. The Freight Carbon Review (FCR) monitors how well the industry is voluntarily acting on reducing carbon output and fuel consumption in line with the decision not to make driver training a mandatory part of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

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Classifying tar sands as ultra-high carbon would produce large carbon savings - report

A new report by Carbon Matters and CE Delft says that the European Commission is right to classify oil from tar sands as much more carbon-intensive than conventional fuels and that doing so could save emissions of up to 19 million tonnes of CO2 every year – equivalent, according to T&E, to taking 7 million cars off the roads.

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LowCVP News

Join the LowCVP and get up to £245 off the cost of attending the LowCVP 2013 Conference on July 11

LowCVP members will enjoy a bigger discount than ever to attend this year's Annual Conference which will be held on July 11 in Central London. Non-members who would like to benefit from the discount can do so by registering to become members in advance of booking their Conference place.

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LowCVP Annual Conference 2013 - Just a few more days to book your place!
11th Jul 2013

As new fuel and vehicle technologies – like electricity and biofuels – are introduced to drive road transport we will need to assess emissions arising ‘beyond the tailpipe’. Attend the LowCVP Conference and find out what these profound changes will mean for your organisation. Speakers at the LowCVP's 2013 Annual Conference include transport minister Norman Baker MP plus leading representatives of the European Commission, CONCAWE, Department for Transport and the Commitee on Climate Change.

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Industry News

First UK Bio-LNG filling station launched by Gasrec

The UK's first Bio-LNG filling station has been opened by Gasrec in Daventry by Transport Minister Norman Baker. It will allow gas-powered or dual-fuel trucks to use Bio-LNG and will operate in a similar way to a traditional filling station.

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Source London delivers 1,300 charge points; TfL seeks private operator for EV charging network

Source London, the electric vehicle charge point network in the UK capital has delivered its target of 1,300 charge points over the last 2 years. Transport for London now believes the network is in a position for it to be privatised.

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Other News

TSB receives record £440m budget to support innovative business and growth

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has received a record £440 million budget this year from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to support innovative businesses and drive growth across the UK.

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Technology showcasing opportunity for SMEs and micro-enterprises at LCV 2013

Cenex, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Technology Strategy Board and the Carbon Trust have announced the formal opening of a Technology Showcasing opportunity for UK SME and micro-enterprises developing low carbon vehicle technology at LCV 2013 which takes place at Millbrook on 4th – 5th September 2013.

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The Eco Technology Show
14th Jun 2013

The Eco Technology Show is a leading event for trade, building owners, occupiers, and the general public covering sustainable build, energy, transport and technology.

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Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2013 - registration closes Monday 2 September, 5pm
4th Sep 2013

Now in its 6th year, LCV is one of the UK's leading, national low carbon vehicle events featuring a major exhibition (including ride and drive opportunities), conferences, seminars, networking and other activities. The LowCVP will be exhibiting and otherwise playing an active role at the event including promoting the Low Carbon Automotive Directory supported by the Dept for Business and UKTI.

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Hybrid Powertrain 2013: Component & System Level Technological Development Summit
17th Jul 2013

The Hybrid Powertrain 2013: Component & System Level Technological Development Summit is the first dedicated hybrid powertrain technical forum in Europe. (Note: 15% discount for LowCVP members.)

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UK AD & Biogas 2013
3rd Jul 2013

The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s (ADBA) trade show UK AD & Biogas 2013 is the only exhibition in the country dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and biogas.

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LowCVP - other future activities


Members Council, 6 June, Chiswick. On the agenda: Projects overview; Bus Roadmap; Life Cycle Analysis; ILUC position paper; E10 bioethanol
Board, 27 June, London. On the agenda: Strategy development; Board membership.
LowCVP Annual Conference, 11 July, London.
Bus Working Group, 10 September, Manchester.
Passenger Car Working Group, 19 September, London.
Fuels Working Group, 3 October, Venue tbc.
Innovation Working Group, 10 October, Venue tbc.


If you are already a member, login to the LowCVP members' section. To join the Partnership and help steer the policy and build the markets, click here.

News in Brief

US Plug-in car sales pass 100,000 (Hybrid-EV newsletter link - login required)
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OLEV publishes list of accredited UK EV charge-point suppliers (OLEV resport download)
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ETI seeks partners to develop new systems to increase the efficiency of heavy duty vehicles (ETI csll for proposals link)
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KPMG launches 'Green Tax Index' providing country comparisons of 'green' taxation (KPMG website link)
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UK air quality breach confirmed by Supreme Court (ENDS report link - login required)
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Vauxhall Ampera wins Car of the Year in Daily Telegraph Motoring Awards (Telegraph story link)
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EU Parliament committee backs built-in speed limit for new vans (Reuters news link)
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GM urges Obama and Congress to unite on climate change (Guardian news link)
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Bridgestone's voluntary efforts to cut carbon emissions praised by the Freight Transport Association (Tyrepress news link)
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More organisations setting green fleet targets - survey (GreenFleet news link)
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Joe Greenwell appointed as new chairman of RAC Foundation (RAC Foundation website link)
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ABB demonstrates technology to 'power flash charge' electric buses in 15 seconds (ABB news link)
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