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LowCVP News - 31 July 2013 Issue 107

Government and industry make £1bn commitment to develop low carbon technologies of the future

The Government and the automotive industry are to invest £500 million each over the next ten years in an Advanced Propulsion Centre to research, develop and commercialise the low carbon technologies for the vehicles of the future. The investment will mean the creation of 15,000 jobs over the next three years.

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Policy Developments

(Media release) LowCVP takes first steps to a 'beyond tailpipe' measure of emissions from road vehicles

The introduction of new energy technologies in road transport will mean that the current tailpipe measures of the climate impact of vehicles will become increasingly inadequate in future. By publishing a new report alongside today’s Annual Conference which is focusing wholly on this theme, the LowCVP aims to facilitate the first steps towards ‘beyond tailpipe’ measurement.

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Government confirms additional funding worth £500 million to support ULEV introduction to 2020

The Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has announced that there will be £500m new funding to 2020 to encourage the introduction of ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) technology as well as encourage ULEV uptake. The funding will be adminstered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and will mainly be used for capital investment.

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European Parliament Environment Committee votes for ILUC impacts from biofuels to be measured

MEPs on the European Parliament's Environment Committee have voted to to limit the amount of conventional biofuel that can be used to meet the EU target for renewable transport fuel and have also voted to back the EC's proposal to require companies to measure the amount of indirect land use change (ILUC) their fuels cause.

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BSOG reprieve; reform in England to mean greater local control

The Government has announced that the Bus Service Operators' Grant (BSOG) - the subsidy received by bus operators against the cost of fuel - will continue but in a revised form. Following the 2013 spending review, transport minister Norman Baker said that from January 2014, BSOG funding for non-commercial routes (those which are not economically viable without support) will be devolved to local authorities. This funding will be ringfenced until.

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£10m TSB funding for low carbon vehicle R&D

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest in innovative R&D projects which are most likely to bring strong products and systems to market, with successful projects fast-tracked for commercialisation. The competition, which opens in September, will act as a feeder into the recently announced Advanced Propulsion Centre, and will provide a route to bring innovative ideas to the consumer more quickly.

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Government announces £85 million to support university research in key technology areas 

The Government has announced £85 million of funding for enhanced research in three key technology areas: robotics and autonomous systems, advanced materials, and grid-scale energy storage. Funding will be made available to more than 20 universities across the UK to support and strengthen existing research.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference attracts leading speakers to develop thinking on measuring emissions 'beyond the tailpipe'

Transport minister Norman Baker and a range of leading speakers addressed the LowCVP's Tenth Annual Conference which took place on July 11th in Central London. A new report on measuring the life-cycle impact of low carbon cars was issued alongside the Conference which was attended by delegates representing the Partnership's main stakeholder constituencies and which received good media coverage.

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Reports & Studies

LowCVP report: New study identifies cost-effective options for cutting UK bus emissions

A wide range of innovative technologies can cut carbon emissions from buses and provide a short-term payback at current fuel prices and subsidy levels according to a new report prepared for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) by Ricardo.

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Automotive sector innovation could create a million new jobs by 2030 and revitalize growth - report

A study by Ricardo-AEA and Cambridge Econometrics says that Europe could improve its growth prospects and create 0.5 to 1.1 million net additional jobs in 2030 through automotive sector innovation. Increased technology to cut fuel consumption would also allow the EU to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and deliver between €58 and €83 billion a year in fuel savings for the EU economy by 2030. This shift will achieve the double bonus of mitigating climate change and creating a much-needed economic stimulus.

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Plug-in electric vehicles offer significant benefits to urban well-being says RAP policy brief

A policy brief by the international Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) says that the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles offers substantial benefits, particularly in urban areas. The paper focuses in particular on the implications of a significant uptake of EVs on the electricity grid.

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Industry News

Renault publishes internal report comparing life cycle footprint of electric versus ICE cars

Renault has recently made public the findings of an internal study to measure the life cycle impacts of its Fluence ZE electric car compared with equivalent conventional models. Renault found that the electric car had a much bigger impact on emissions during its production phase than the petrol or diesel versions but that the initial deficit was more than overturned over a typical 10-year, 93,000-mile lifetime even using electricity at the current grid configuration. The public release of the report is timely, coming as it does shortly before tomorrow's (July 11) LowCVP 'Beyond the Tailpipe' Conference in London.

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BMW unveils electric i3 and predicts rise in demand for EVs

BMW has launched its first electric car - the i3 - which the car maker says includes a wide range of innovations including a lightweight shell of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. The i3 is the first in a series of electric cars which are scheduled to be launched by the German car maker.

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International Developments

EU partners with industry to invest €22bn in innovation and research

The European Commission, EU Member States and European industry will invest more than €22 billion over the next seven years in innovation for sectors that deliver high quality jobs. Most of the investment will go to five public-private partnerships (PPPs)—joint technology initiatives (JTIs)—in bio-based industries, fuel cells and hydrogen, innovative medicine, aeronautics, and electronics. The research partnerships are intended to boost the competitiveness of EU industry which already provide more than four million jobs.

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US and China agree bilateral deal to cut carbon emissions from vehicles and other sources   

The United States and China, the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, have agreed to five initiatives to cut carbon output from the largest sources, including heavy duty vehicles, manufacturing and coal-fired plants. The U.S.-China climate change working group, which officials from both countries formed in April, will work with companies and non-governmental groups to develop plans by October to carry out the measures aimed at fighting climate change and cutting pollution.

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Other News

Milton Keynes selected as site for £150m Transport Systems Catapult centre

The Technology Strategy Board has announced that Milton Keynes has been chosen as the site for a new £150m centre which will help to foster the development of a more efficient transport system. The Transport Systems Catapult will aim to help UK transport businesses develop new technology by providing ‘virtual test environments’ in which innovations in transport systems can be modelled.

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Business fleets to get transport carbon footprint with EST's new 'Fleet Health Check'

The Energy Saving Trust has launched a free Fleet Health Check to provide fleet operators with a transport carbon footprint and recommendations for next steps to help reduce costs and emissions. 

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Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2013 - registration closes Monday 2 September, 5pm
4th Sep 2013

Now in its 6th year, LCV is one of the UK's leading, national low carbon vehicle events featuring a major exhibition (including ride and drive opportunities), conferences, seminars, networking and other activities. The LowCVP will be exhibiting and otherwise playing an active role at the event including promoting the Low Carbon Automotive Directory supported by the Dept for Business and UKTI.

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IDP Networking and Consortium Building Event
5th Aug 2013

The 10th competition in the Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP 10) of the Technology Strategy Board's Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform (LCVIP) will be launched shortly. To give interested parties the chance to learn more about the scope of the latest competition and to find out how you can take part, the TSB is holding a major networking opportunity at the Motor Heritage Centre at Gaydon on 5th August.

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Developments in Electric Vehicles - NB EVENT CANCELLED
3rd Oct 2013

Organised by the Society of Chemical Industry's (SCI) Science and Enterprise Group, this is the first in a series of SCI events to explore solutions for electrification of transportation. Speakers include Dame Professor Julia King, Ian Allen of Vauxhall and John Lowes of Zero Carbon Futures. Delegate rates for the event are discounted for members of the LowCVP. THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. (Please contact organisers for more details.)

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4th Annual National Sustainable Transport Conference
3rd Oct 2013

Govtoday and Securing the Future will be hosting the 4th Annual National Sustainable Transport Conference - 'Unlocking the door-to-door journey' - in association with Sustrans, Passenger Focus and the British Parking Association. The event is offering some free places for members of the LowCVP.

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Internal Combustion Engines: Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions
27th Nov 2013

This conference will discuss the latest developments in engine downsizing, advances in FIE and alternative fuels, new engine architectures and the introduction of Euro 6 in 2014.

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GreenFleet Scotland Event
5th Sep 2013

GreenFleet Scotland, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, is the only event for Scottish fleet managers and heads of transport seeking to manage their fleets more efficiently, reduce fuel and running costs, and save money. 2013 promises a significant gathering of low and zero emission vehicles, available for test drive. A number of electric vehicles will also be making their first appearance at a Scottish event.

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LowCVP - other future activities

Bus Working Group, 10 September, Manchester. On the agenda: Low carbon bus roadmap; Barriers and opportunities to expanding the low carbon bus market; Opportunities for CO2 reduction in the minibus market
Passenger Car Working Group, 19 September, London. On the agenda: Low carbon van project; Dealer car labelling survey project; Revision of marketing best practice guidelines
Fuels Working Group, 3 October, (Venue tbc). On the agenda: Future fuels roadmap; scenarios for meeting the RED; Progress on E10 fuel.
Innovation Working Group, 10 October, Loughborough University. On the agenda: SME toolkit review; Low Carbon Automotive Directory; Technology Challenge 2013; 'L' category vehicles.
Members Council,17 October,London.
LowCVP Board, 31 October, London.

If you are already a member, login to the LowCVP members' section. To join the Partnership and help steer the policy and build the markets, click here.

News in Brief

Recriminations continue over Cars and CO2 EU regulation delay (T&E news link)
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CAT publishes vision for a Zero Carbon Britain - new report (ZCB website link)
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Labour's Ed Balls sets out vision for greener economic future (New Statesman news link)
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EU and China meet to explore the benefits of green growth (Europa news link)
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Vivergo bioethanol plant opens near Hull; over 1,000 jobs created (REA press release link)
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ABB to build world’s largest nationwide network of EV fast-charging stations in the Netherlands (ABB press release link)
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UK's Plug-In Car grant scheme sees 4553 claims to end-June 2013; rate of take-up accelerating (Hybrid-EV news link)
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IEA shows benefits of improved energy efficiency of urban transport systems (IEA press release link)
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Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell durability claimed by ACAL Energy (VansA2Z news link)
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First Algae-Derived Fuel Hits the Pumps in USA (NBC news link)
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British Gas unveils free home EV Charging Point Scheme (Green Fleet news link)
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Cenex announces charging point partnership with Rolec EV for LCV 2013 Event (Fleet News link)
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DfT publishes new Road Transport Forecasts report (DfT download link)
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Environmental Audit Committee launches new inquiry into Sustainability in BIS (Parliament.uk news link)
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Energy and Climate Committee publishes third report on UK oil refining industry (ECC Commitee web page link)
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