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LowCVP News, 31 March 2020, Issue 187
Government outlines challenges and steps needed to decarbonise UK transport

The Government has published a document which it says marks "the beginning of a conversation to develop the policies needed to decarbonise transport". It has committed to the publication of a Transport Decarbonisation Plan in 2020 which will define the policies and plans needed to tackle emissions from transport. The document sets out the challenge, provides a perspective on where we are today and the size of emissions reductions needed. The Government says that a series of events, workshops and opportunities this year will provide the chance for all interested stakeholders to input into the plan.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 across the UK and much of the world has brought challenges for us all. The LowCVP team is adopting working practices in accordance with isolation rules announced by the Government and will continue to focus on our mission to support the transition to low carbon vehicles and fuels in pursuit of the 2050 Net Zero objectives.

Policy Developments

United Nations urges governments to make climate and sustainability issues central to COVID-19 recovery plan The United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, has called on governments and international financial institutions to put the clean energy transition at the heart of stimulus packages, once the human tragedy associated with the COVID-19 pandemic eases. Read more

Company Car Tax: New rates, new savings...and new numbers

The way company car tax is calculated changes from 6 April 2020. For drivers of zero and some ultra-low emissions company cars there are very big savings to be had, so long as you have the right information.

Government announces consultation on the introduction of E10 fuel at filling stations across the UK

The Government has announced proposals for the introduction of E10 petrol - up to a 10% blend of ethanol in petrol supplied to forecourts, rising from the current 5% limit. It will consult on plans for the fuel to become the standard grade of petrol at UK filling stations from 2021.

Reports & Studies

Public health professionals call for health warning labels at points of sale of fossil fuels A group of UK and international public health professionals and academics have called for warning labels to be displayed at points of purchase of fossil fuel energy - petrol stations, energy bills, airline tickets etc - emphasising the risks to health of fossil fuel use. The group's call was published in an article in the British Medical Journal. Read more

Budget 2020 confirms continuation of grants to help EV purchase

The new Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his first Budget announced that the Plug-in Car grant will continue until 2022-3 and that it will be extended to vans, taxis and motorcycles for the same period. Also announced was £500m for the roll-out of a fast-charging network for EVs. Environmental campaigners were disappointed, however, that fuel duty was frozen for the tenth year in a row, even as oil prices fell sharply due to the impact of the spread of coronavirus. 

New guide highlights low carbon and sustainable fuel opportunities for decarbonisation of commercial fleets (LowCVP news release:) The Renewable Fuels Guide, produced by the LowCVP and Cenex, and supported by CNG Fuels and Scania shows how the adoption of renewable fuels from sustainable feedstocks offers one of the most rapid, and economically viable, routes to lowering emissions for such vehicles, both new and those already in service.  Read more

Electric cars cut life-cycle carbon emissions almost everywhere and will contribute more savings as grids decarbonise

A new study by an international group of researchers finds that electric cars already produce less carbon dioxide emissions in 53 of 59 world regions, representing 95% of global transport demand.

Other News

Europe's largest filling station for Bio-CNG opens in Warrington

Europe's largest filling station, built to serve heavy commercial vehicles with compressed natural gas, has opened in Warrington. The operator, CNG Fuels has also opened a large refuelling station in Northamption.


Environmental transport events postponed or go digital as COVID-19 lock-down takes hold

Owing to the measures introduced by the Government in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the UK, many environmental transport events scheduled for the spring and early summer have been postponed or will now be held on-line. The LowCVP is preparing a series of digital spring/summer meetings, events and conferences. 


» Wall Street calls time on shale revolution (Financial Times – subscription needed)

» Coronavirus UK lock-down leads to big drop in air pollution (Guardian)

» ACEA chief says this is ‘Worst crisis ever’ as carmakers line up for recovery cash amid calls to ‘go green’ (EurActiv)

» DfT - New transport tech to be tested in biggest shake-up of laws in a generation (Gov.uk)

» UK greenhouse gas emissions fall for seventh year in a row (Carbon Brief)

» BEIS - Government backs cleaner planes, ships and automobiles with £37 million boost (Gov.uk)

» Multiple House of Lords committees launch climate change inquiries (Parliament.uk)

» ADBA publishes biomethane pathway to 2030 report (ADBA)

» REA & UK EVSE tie-up to provide clear voice for UK electric vehicle charging sector (REA)

» Energy Systems Catapult publishes ‘Net Zero’ report (ES Catapult)

» Survey shows that UK companies to invest £12bn in switch to electric vehicles (Fleet News)

» Faraday Institution publishes 2020 update to its study “UK Electric Vehicle and Battery Production Potential to 2040” (Faraday)

» Netherlands raises EV subsidies in rush to hit climate goals (Reuters)

» Mazda backs carbon-neutral biofuel research (Newspress)

» Centrica and Volkswagen announce EV enablement partnership (Current)

» Samsung solid-state battery prototype promises EV range of 800 km (Electrive)

» H2Haul website is now live – Hydrogen fuel cell trucks in four European Countries (H2Haul)

» Welsh Government publishes independent review of road user charging in Wales

» Free R&D Tax claim for anyone doing novel R&D to combat COVID-19 (TBAT)

» UK PACT - Launching applications for a roster of climate change experts on behalf of the UK Government (Eventbrite – UK PACT)

» Gridserve’s maiden electric forecourt to open summer 2020 as construction begins (Autocar)

» Shell to repurpose petrol station into EV charging hub (Discover EV)

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