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LowCVP News, 31 May 2018, (Issue 165)
£1.6bn battery and EV charging project wins backing

Pivot Power has announced plans to build a world-first 2GW network of grid-scale batteries and nationwide network of rapid chargers for EVs. The £1.6bn scheme aims to support EV adoption and introduce flexibility into the energy system to accommodate potential mass EV charging.

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Policy Developments

Defra launches new Clean Air Strategy

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has published a new Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution. It will be backed up through new primary legislation.

Birmingham and LCV2018 to host world's first zero emission vehicle summit Following the Prime Minister's announcement last Autumn, the Government has announced that the UK will host a 'world first' zero emission vehicle technology summit over two days (11 and 12 September); the first day in Birmingham and the second at Cenex's Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2018 at Millbrook.  Read more

European Commission puts forward proposals to tackle carbon emissions from HGVs for first time

The European Commission has put forward proposals to regulate carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles for the first time. Lorries, coaches and buses contribute 6% of all the EU's carbon emissions and their share is growing. The plan aims to cut emissions from the sector by 30% by 2030.

LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference, 12 July - don't miss the 'early bird' booking deadline! Further speakers have been announced for the LowCVP's Annual Conference which will address what it's going to take to bring consumers on the zero emission transport journey. Don't miss the 'early bird' booking deadline of 1 June! Read more

LowCVP points the way to future freight strategy

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership – the stakeholder group established to accelerate the shift to low emission road transport – is overseeing a programme of robust comparative testing of the latest, most innovative commercial vehicle technologies targeted at emissions reduction and fuel saving.

Industry News

SMMT announces Future Mobility Challenge to encourage innovation in key areas The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT), the UK's automotive trade body, has launched a Future Mobility Challenge, a new initiative which is intended to encourage the development of new partnerships, investments and acquisitions between the world’s leading automotive brands and innovative technology start-ups and SMEs. Read more

Reports & Studies

Car dealerships 'dismissive' of electric cars are barrier to uptake - report

A report published in the journal Nature Energy says that car dealerships in several European Countries pose a significant barrier to the uptake of electric vehicles; a survey of 126 shopping experiences at 82 dealerships found that dealers were generally dismissive of EVs, encouraging buyers to favour petrol and diesel models. Meanwhile, a separate study finds that a lack of electric models, rather than charging infrastructure is the bigger constraint on EV uptake.

Lifestyle change more important than technical progress in cutting carbon from transport - Oxford Univ study New research from Oxford University finds that changing our lifestyles and the way we travel could have as big, if not more of an impact on carbon dioxide emissions from transport than technical progress, including the adoption of electric vehicles. Read more

Bloomberg projects surge in EV sales to 2030; growth in leasing

Bloomberg New Energy Finance's global long-term Electric Vehicle Outlook projects that EV sales will rise from a record 1.1m globally in 2017 to 11 million in 2025 and then surge to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to make than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. In associated commentary, Bloomberg says that the rise in EVs will be associated with an increase in vehicle leasing rather than outright purchase. 

Other News

Obituary: Adrian Wickens, a stalwart of the LowCVP All of us in the LowCVP secretariat were very sorry to learn of the death of Adrian Wickens, former Volvo Bus UK Product Planning Manager and Corporate Spokesman. Adrian was a very active and strong supporter of the LowCVP and a highly respected industry figure.   Read more


LowCVP Low Emission Bus Workshop: Cardiff - 19/07/2018

LowCVP is set to host its fifth regional Low Emission Bus Workshop in Cardiff on Thursday 19th July 2018. The free morning workshop will provide local authorities and bus operators with information on new technologies and fuels, sharing operator's experiences of low carbon and low emission solutions for bus fleets around the UK, including retrofit SCR projects.

Fully Charged Live - 09/06/2018

Created by TV Presenter, Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged launched on YouTube in 2010 & has aired ~300 episodes on the future of energy & transport. Interest in low emission technologies is surging and the show has a growing, engaged audience. This two-day event, part-exhibition and part-show, will be hosted by Robert Llewellyn & Jonny Smith who will be taking centre stage in the interactive theatres.

Thermal Engineering for Transport: Design, Measurement and Optimisation - 13/06/2018

Thermal Engineering for Transport: Design, Measurement and Optimisation is a specialist one-day seminar that will address the latest developments in thermal management across the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors. (NB LowCVP members can register at IMechE member rates.)

Upcoming LowCVP Activities

Working Group Meetings:

Members Council Meeting: 7th June 2018 (SMMT, 71 Great Peter St, London).
On the agenda: Information and updates; LowCVP work programme 2018/19

Fuels Working Group: 14th June 2018 (One Birdcage Walk, London).
On the agenda: AFID/E10 Update, 2018/19 Work Programme
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Board of Directors Meeting: 3rd July 2018 (One Birdcage Walk, London).
On the agenda: Information and updates; LowCVP work programme 2018/19

Commercial Vehicle Working Group: 4th July 2018 (tbc, Manchester)
On the agenda: 2018/19 work programme.

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LowCVP Annual Conference: 12th July 2018 (One Birdcage Walk, London).
Conference Information Page


» Carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere reach 'highest level in 800,000 years (The Independent)

» LowCVP Chairman speaks at FT debate on air quality – podcast (Acast for Financial Times)

» Government calls for evidence on green van tax breaks (Gov.uk)

» Electric vehicle adoption could cause $92bn fuel tax shortfall (FT)

» Academics say UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough' (BBC news)

» IMechE report proposes use of excess wind and solar power to produce hydrogen (IMechE)

» More than 300 all-electric Volkswagen e-Golfs to hit the streets of London (Automotive World)

» £1.7 million available for green buses in Scotland (Gov.Scot)

» Sweden commits to be net zero emissions by 2045 (UNFCCC)

» Toyota to ramp up hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales in 2020 (Reuters)

» Conservative think tank calls for net zero emissions target Bright Blue)

» Tesla on the way to eliminating cobalt from its batteries (Charged EVs)

» Oxford Bus Company launches Uber-style service (Route One)

» Cenex appoints Denis Hayter as new Chairman of the Board (Cenex)

» Shell leads investment in battery storage manufacturer Sonnen (Energy Storage News)

» Sweden’s Vatenfall to enter UK EV market (Vatenfall)

» Met Police aims to create world’s largest police fleet of hydrogen vehicles (Fleet News)

» DriveNow expands one-way car club coverage in London (TransportXtra)

» Parliamentarians call on the Government to introduce a more environmentally friendly petrol, E10 (Politics Home)

» National Grid plans UK 'green electric superhighway' (FT)

» Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make a royal arrival in electric Jag (Energy Live News)

» Nissan's follows Tesla into solar power and home batteries (Wired)

» Shell opens first-of-its-kind hydrogen refuelling station (EurActiv)

» Musk says Tesla Semi may have a 600-mile range (Autocar)

» Rolls-Royce to go ‘fully electric’ by 2040 (JeremyLeggett.net)

» Nissan to stop offering diesel engines in European models

» Costa Rica to become world’s first decarbonised society (The Independent)

» Data Driven Process Improvements: Breakfast meeting with WMG

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