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LowCVP News, 30 November 2017, (Issue 159)
Industrial Strategy: UK aims to become world leader in shaping the future of mobility

The Government's Industrial Strategy identifies the future of mobility as one of four 'Grand Challenges' facing Britain in the 21st Century. The Strategy anticipates a "future of new mobility services, increased autonomy, journey sharing and a blurring of the distinctions between private and public transport". It includes commitments to seize the opportunities and address the challenges of moving from hydrocarbon to zero emission vehicles. 

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Climate Change News

2017 forecast to be one of warmest years ever as global CO2 emissions show disturbing rise

Global carbon dioxide emissions are projected to have risen in 2017 following three years of flat-lining, upsetting hopes that they had peaked. This year is predicted by the World Meteorological Organisation to be one of the three warmest years ever recorded.

Policy Developments

Chancellor announces £220m for Clean Air Fund in Budget 2017 (+ LowCVP response)

The Chancellor has announced the creation of a new £220 million Clean Air Fund, funded by targeted changes to company car tax and vehicle excise duty for those buying new diesel cars. The Fund will support English local authorities in tackling the most challenging local air pollution problems. The Budget has also confirmed the introduction of a new £400m Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund and £100m to guarantee continuation of the Plug-in Car Grant to 2020.

European Commission proposes new car & van fleet average CO2 emissions as part of Clean Mobility Package

The European Commission has set out plans to reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion under a new Clean Mobility Package. The draft law requires CO2 emissions from new cars to be cut by 30% between 2021 and 2030; with an intermediate target of 15% for 2025.

Government publishes consultation on air quality measures

Defra and DfT have announced a consultation which seeks views on additional measures to support individuals and businesses affected by local NO2 plans which were announced last July. The consultation (which applies to England only) is open until 5 January 2018.

Industry News

Leading motor companies join with Shell to build high speed EV charging network across Europe

Royal Dutch Shell has announced that it will work with leading motor companies - including Ford, BMW, Daimler and VW - to build a fast-charging network for electric vehicles in ten European countries.

Leading car makers commit to electric vehicle future

The Volkswagen Group says it will invest EUR 34 billion in electric mobility, autonomous driving, new mobility services and digitalization by 2020. Meanwhile, GM has announced plans to launch a new family of EVs in 2021 that it says will make money for the company. Vauxhall and Opel - now owned by PSA - have also made a commitment for all European passenger carlines to be electrified by 2024.

Tesla launches electric truck with 500-mile range

The US EV-manufacturer Tesla has announced the launch of the Tesla Semi, an electric articulated lorry with a claimed range of 500 miles on a single charge. The vehicle will go into production in 2019. Volvo and Renault are also reported to be developing freight vehicles to run on electric power.

Audi to expand production of synthetic diesel made from water and CO2

Audi has announced plans to expand production of synthetic "e-diesel" from its plant in Laufenberg, Switzerland. The company says the fuel allows cars to run in a way that is almost carbon neutral.

LowCVP News

LowCVP invites nominations for election to Board of Directors

The LowCVP is in the process of holding elections to appoint new members to its Board of Directors. Elected Board positions are for a three-year term, with re-election possible. Prospective directors have to be nominated from within their stakeholder group. Nominations for Board positions are due by 5 December.

LowCVP responds to Financial Times article on EV life-cycle emissions

The LowCVP has written to the Financial Times responding to an article originally published under the heading: "Green driving’s dirty secret: how clean is your car?" The LowCVP believes that the article based on a study by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology into the full life-cycle emissions of electric cars compared with gasoline vehicles in the US mid-west is misleading. 

LowCVP short-listed for Energy Live News Personality Awards

The LowCVP has been short-listed in the inaugural Energy Live News Personality Awards which will be announced at a celebration event to be held at the London Film Museum, Covent Garden, on December 7. The LowCVP is included in the 'Comms Team' category, in which there are five other short-listed nominations.

Other News

Norway set for divestment in oil stocks as OPEC views demand peak

Norway says that it may sell $35bn in oil and natural gas stocks, part of the country's $1 trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund. Meanwhile, the oil producers group, OPEC, says that a larger-than-expected boom in electric vehicle sales could cause global oil demand to peak and flatten out in the late 2030s.


The role of taxis in the future of digital urban mobility - 07/12/2017

This two-day event will provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and learn about smart solutions with leading taxi experts from across the world. The event will focus on international best practice and explore planning options for taxi regulators and operators.

Internal Combustion Engines 2017 - 06/12/2017

With a shifting focus to battery technology it is easy to forget that hybrids still require an internal combustion engine. Internal Combustion Engines will continue to be part of the solution for some time to come and investment and research will continue to be made in this area. Join the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Internal Combustion Engines 2017 conference to hear from those at the forefront of this research in the quest for more efficient hydrocarbon fuel engines. LowCVP members can book this event at the IMechE member rate.

CVRAS Workshop - 11/12/2017

The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme workshop will take place on Monday, 11 December from 10.30 to 12.30 at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 

AFID E10 Stakeholder Group meeting 2 - 05/12/2017

DfT/LowCVP workshop on AFID labelling and E10

Upcoming LowCVP Activities

Members Council, 14 December 2017 (One Birdcage Walk). On the agenda:  Government update; LowCVP 2017-18 work programme; Board elections; other LowCVP events and activities in 2018.
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Bus Working Group, 11 January 2018 (London, tbc). On the agenda: Information and updates; LowCVP BWG work programme 2018-19; AQ plan/CAZ updates.
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LowCVP Board, 18 January 2017 (Madano, London). On the agenda:  Updated strategy review; Board elections; LowCVP work programme 2018-19.
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Passenger Car/Innovation Working Group, 25 January 2018 (venue tbc).  On the joint agenda: 2018-19 work plans;  other tbc.
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» Business Secretary confirms details of government’s flagship Faraday Battery Challenge investment into the development and production of battery technology (Gov.uk)

» Mayor Sadiq Khan confirms 2019 early start date for ultra-low emission zone (London.gov)

» EAFO project looks at pathways and impacts of EU car fleet transition to ZEVs (EAFO)

» OpenLV project set to open up local electricity usage data – for the first ever time (OpenLV website)

» Older cars in urban areas less to blame for harmful emissions (UWE press release)

» Diesels in London facing parking charge hike (Business Green)

» EVs could provide 11GW grid capacity by 2030, research claims (edie)

» ClientEarth launches new air pollution legal action (Client Earth)

» Former UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres to co-lead Formula E’s advisory board (Climate Action Programme)

» Metal recyclers prepare for electric car revolution (Reuters)

» China is winning electric cars 'arms race' (CNN)

» Tesla completes world's biggest battery in Australia (Daily Mail)

» E10 becomes top-selling petrol in France helped by tax break (Forecourt Trader)

» Returns on EV infrastructure investment far outweigh costs – report (Charged EVs)

» UPS considering equipping 1,500 delivery vans in New York with electric drivetrains by 2022 (NYSERDA)

» Formula E will leave Britain if no Brexit deal, says CEO (Reuters)

» Mitsubishi demonstrates new V2G system in Amsterdam (Charged EVs)

» Birmingham agrees £13.4m pilot for 22 hydrogen buses (Directors' Talk)

» Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to offer all its commercial van model lines with electric drive starting with eVito (Mercedes)

» Jaguar Land Rover latest EV manufacturer to take aim at second-life batteries (Clean Energy News)

» London buses to be powered by waste coffee grounds (edie)

» BMW takes steps to ensure more responsible production of cobalt (Charged EVs)

» Dr Ruth McKernan announces she will leave her post at Innovate UK (Gov.uk)

» Kensington and Chelsea Council to expand London's first lamp post electric vehicle charging network (RBKC)

» Divided on crop-based biofuel phase-out, European Parliament looks for compromise (Euractiv)

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