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LowCVP News, 6 July 2016 (Issue 141)
Ministers seek to reassure low carbon sector following vote for 'Brexit'

Government ministers have moved promptly to reassure the low carbon sector that it remains a priority following the referendum vote for Britain to leave the European Union. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said that the administration remains fully committed to the agenda while the Government also moved quickly to accept the Climate Change Committee's recommendations for the Fifth Carbon Budget.

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Policy Developments

Government accepts Fifth Carbon Budget recommendations signalling ongoing decarbonisation of UK economy

The Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has confirmed that the Government is accepting the Committee on Climate Change’s 5th Carbon Budget recommendations which cover the period 2028-2032. It confirms plans for a 57% reduction in emissions since 1990. The announcement has provided some much-needed certainty about the direction of policy for low carbon and related industries following the referendum vote for 'Brexit'. 

LowCVP Conference includes ministerial announcements, top speakers, introduces new initiatives

Around 160 delegates attended the LowCVP's 2016 Annual Conference where the transport minister Andrew Jones announced new schemes to encourage the introduction of cleaner, greener vans and lorries. Held at Here East in the Olympic Park, London, delegates also heard from the new Deputy Mayor for Transport in London, Val Shawcross, about plans to reduce emissions in the capital, including the possible introduction of a £10 Emissions Surcharge (dubbed the 'T-Charge') on the most polluting vehicles.

Transport minister announces new industry scheme to cut emissions, save fuel in HGVs

The Transport Minister Andrew Jones has announced that a new scheme, developed by LowCVP members, is to be rolled out to support the introduction of lower carbon, fuel saving commercial vehicle technology. 

New Mayor announces steps to tackle poor air quality in London

The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced that he will soon launch a formal policy consultation on a major package of measures to tackle air pollution in London. The Mayor has also joined the environmental lawyers, Client Earth, in a legal challenge to the government on air quality.

Reports & Studies

Revolution in mobility technology creates great opportunities for cutting emissions – but there are challenges too

The combination of connectivity, automation plus shared vehicle ownership and use has the potential to make car travel greener and cheaper, cutting energy use and helping accelerate the introduction of low carbon vehicles. However, these energy and carbon benefits are by no means guaranteed and will require strategic policy interventions to maximise them according to new work by the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds, commissioned by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). 

EU car makers seek to tackle decarbonisation

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published an expert report entitled 'Joining forces to tackle the road transport C02 challenge', assessing the impact of new vehicles on emissions. 

NGO report calls on government to refocus on low carbon imperative

Six of the UK's leading development and environment organisations say in a new report that the UK is 'going backwards' from its former position of leadership in low carbon global markets following policy reversals on renewable energy and in other areas. The report - 'Will the UK economy succeed in a low carbon world?' -  says that confidence has been damaged in the UK’s domestic low carbon industries. 

Industry News

Car makers, mobility providers and public authorities teaming up to create new models for future mobility

Vehicle manufacturers and a range of new mobility service providers like Uber and Lyft are exploring a range of collaborations which are likely to shape how people move around in future.

Leading car makers announce new electric models; VW may build European battery factory

Leading car makers including Audi, Skoda, Volvo and Hyundai have announced plans to launch new battery electric models, while VW is reported to be considering building a multi-billion Euro battery factory in Europe.

Iveco receives record order for 250 gas vehicles

French transportation and logistics company The Perrenot Group has placed an order for 250 of the newly launched natural gas powered truck, the Stralis NP, from Italian manufacturer Iveco. The company has said the order is a pivotal in the move to greater sustainability in road freight transport in Europe.

LowCVP News

The LowCVP announces work programme for 2016-17

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s work programme for the next year includes activities across the whole road transport sector. It builds on LowCVP’s aspirational targets for 2020 which support the UK’s progress towards meeting the objectives set by the UK’s Climate Change Act while balancing these with air quality aims.

LowCVP gives evidence to ECC inquiry into renewable heat and transport targets

The LowCVP's Policy & Operations Director, Jonathan Murray, gave oral evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee's inquiry on 7 June. The cross-party MPs group is exploring the main challenges with, and potential solutions to, meeting the UK’s 2020 renewable energy targets for heat and transport.

LowCVP announces updated version of Low Emission Van Guide to help operators save fuel, cut costs & reduce emissions

The LowCVP has updated its Low Emission Van Guide and associated web tool for operators interested in reducing running costs while also cutting their carbon emissions and impact on local air quality. The Guide is aimed at operators of small to medium sized fleets of commercial vehicles, covering vans up to 3.5t GVW (gross vehicle weight).


Cenex-LCV2016 - 14/09/2016

The 9th annual Low Carbon Vehicle Event, LCV2016, organised by Cenex, is being held at Millbrook near Bedford in England, on the 14 and 15 September 2016. Cenex-LCV2016 Networking Dinner will collaborate with LowCVP to feature the Low Carbon Champions Awards for the third consecutive year. 

New Members

We are pleased to welcome the following new members to the Partnership.

Allison Transmission

BD Auto and Energy

Dragon EV Solutions

Fleet Innovations

High Speed Two Ltd

HJS Emission Engineering Ltd

Leeds Beckett University


Otechos Engines Ltd

PURItech GmbH

Stagecoach London

University of Liverpool


Upcoming LowCVP Activities

LowCVP Board meeting, 7 July 2016 (Shell Centre, London SE1). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme progress; CO2 study; audit; conference debrief. Members click here

Bus Working Group, 6 October 2016 (venue tbc). On the agenda: DfT policy update, Work programme progress, Low Emission Bus Guide, 'A Green Bus for Every Journey' publication, LEB promotional activities. Guest speakers: Avid Technology – Micro-hybrid system,  TTR - Zeuus project

Members click here

Passenger Car Working Group, 22 September, (Venue tbc). On the agenda: DfT/OLEV policy update; Work programme progress: Low carbon car fiscal study, WLTP and consumer information project. Update on inter-related projects: EV networks, LoCity Programme and van testing.  Guest speakers: Element Energy – TfL taxation study

Fuels Working Group, 6 October 2016, (Venue tbc). On the agenda: work programme; Future Fuels scenarios; an EV-ready powergrid; RTFO consultation outcomes; Biofrontiers outcomes and E10.
Members click here

Innovation Working Group, 4 October 2016, (venue tbc). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; L-category vehicles report; future taxi and auonomous vehicle technologies.
Members click here

LowCVP Members Council, 13 October 2016, (venue tbc). On the agenda: Work programme status; DfT & BIS updates; Working Group progress and updates; Champions Awards 2016 debrief. 

Members click here

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Current activities and projects taking place in each of the LowCVP's Working Groups: more information.


» Road transport bucks downward trend of EU carbon emissions (Guardian news link)

» Driverless vehicle testing facilities: call for evidence - Consultations (Gov.uk link)

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» Norway to 'completely ban all petrol powered cars by 2025' (Independent)

» Scotland exceeds 'world-leading' emissions target six years early (Guardian)

» New car CO2 targets provide certainty for power sector (T&E)

» Renewable Energy Association launches Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Sector Group (REA)

» Truck CO2 emissions can be cut 40% if the EU sets CO2 standards now – ICCT (T&E)

» Major companies sign up to universal freight emissions framework (Smart Freight)

» New long-haul CNG truck a world first (TNB)

» UK needs new freight strategy to ease congestion and improve air quality (ImechE report)

» Sainsbury's freezes emissions with liquid nitrogen refrigerated engine (Dearman)

» Battery-power investments energise UK renewables sector (FT)

» Electric car sets world acceleration record (BBC)

» Nissan developing world’s first bioethanol fuel cell car (IET)

» Volvo's innovative concept truck cuts fuel consumption by 30% (Edie)

» Leaked figures show spike in palm oil use for biodiesel in Europe (Guardian)

» Ricardo-led ADEPT programme aims to demonstrate technology capable of providing near full-hybrid equivalent fuel economy at significantly lower cost (Ricardo)

» Nissan switches on solar farm at largest European plant in Sunderland (Edie)

» ETI appoints Element Energy to lead new energy infrastructure analysis project (ETI)

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