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LowCVP News, 2 March 2016 (Issue 138)
LowCVP and Clean Air Alliance lead initiative to join up the climate change and air quality agendas

Reflecting the growing concern about the health effects of urban air pollution alongside renewed pressure for carbon reduction, the LowCVP and the Clean Air Alliance – working with other representatives of the air quality community – have announced an initiative to help make sure that transport actions to mitigate both problems are joined-up as effectively as possible.

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Move to low emission vehicles "a colossal opportunity for Britain" - senior minister

Oliver Letwin, Cabinet Office Minister for Government Policy has described the move to low and zero-emission vehicles as "a colossal opportunity for Britain to play a leading part in an industrial revolution" . Mr Letwin was speaking in answer to questions from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Commitee.

EVs "to be cost competitive by 2025, even with low oil prices" - new Bloomberg report

A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that continuing reductions in battery prices will bring the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles below that for conventional-fuel vehicles by 2025, even with low oil prices. The study forecasts that global sales of electric vehicles will hit 41 million by 2040, representing 35% of new light duty vehicle sales. 

Reports & Studies

New LowCVP report: ‘The Journey of the Green Bus’

Greener, cleaner buses have arrived in large numbers in the UK. They are playing an increasingly important part in cutting carbon emissions from road transport sector and, in particular, reducing pollution in cities around the UK according to a new publication from the LowCVP.

New report says UK air pollution linked to 40,000 early deaths a year

A new report from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) finds that around 40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution. ‘Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution’ says that the harm from air pollution is not just linked to short-term episodes but is a long-term problem with lifelong implications.

ACEA study shows truck efficiency could be doubled through 'integrated approach'

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has released the findings of a study by Transport and Mobility Leuven (TML) which says that when compared with a ‘new vehicle only’ approach, the integrated approach has the potential to double the annual CO2 reduction rate from trucks, to up to 3.5%.

Climate Change News

Paris agreement a 'decisive turning point on climate change' says climate adviser

The Senior Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change sasy that there are already clear signs that the COP21 Paris climate deal is a decisive turning point in the global effort to combat climate change. Janos Pasztor who has been a leader of the UN's efforts to tackle climate change, says that the UN is working to ratify the agreement as quickly as possible so that it can enter into force.

Policy Developments

EU exit could impact UK's energy and climate policy but Climate Act would remain

According to a research briefing by the House of Commons library the UK Government would still be bound by the climate targets under the Climate Change Act 2008, but that a UK exit from the European Union following the referendum on June 23rd could increase the UK's focus on domestic power generation.

Other News

New guide from EEA explains reasons for disparity between test and 'real world' vehicle emissions

A new non-technical guide from the European Environment Agency (EEA) explains how and why emissions from vehicles can be substantially higher on the road than official emissions tested in a laboratory. 

Jaguar Land Rover pledges £36m to reduce emissions

According to the latest sustainability report from British auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the company will invest £36m over the next three years in renewable energy, energy efficiency and process improvements.


How fuel economy standards for cars and trucks can help governments meet their 2030 climate targets - 23/03/2016

This all-day conference in Brussels will discuss the decarbonisation of road transport. It is an invitation-only event and the number of places is limited. Bringing together key policy makers from member states, permanent representations, the Commission and the research community, the debate will focus on how European fuel economy standards can help EU countries meet their 2030 climate targets by tackling both trucking and passenger vehicles emissions.

Future Fuels 2016: Automotive, Marine and Aviation - 26/04/2016

The links between CO2 from fossil fuels and global warming is firmly established, and the desire to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with transportation remains a key policy driver. This event will present an engineering view of how to ensure the ongoing reduction of C02 from the automotive world. (There are delegate fee discounts for LowCVP members.)

GreenFleet Scotland 2016 - 15/04/2016

GreenFleet Scotland is the fleet event for Scotland, designed to demonstrate the viability of ultra-low emission, plug-in, hybrid and electric vehicles to organisations that want to improve the efficiency of their fleet and transport operations and to address poor air quality caused by emissions from road transport.

LowCVP Upcoming Activities

Fuels Working Group, 12 May 2016, (venue tbc). On the agenda: E10 Recommendations;  biofrontiers report; defining sustainability; Work programme 2016-17. 
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Innovation Working Group, 19 May 2016, (venue tbc). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; L-Category vehicles; SME support; networking & consortium building event.
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Members Council, 3 March 2016, (SMMT, 71 Gt Peter St, SW1). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; Conference 2016 plans; Business Plan 206-19; CO2 research. 
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LowCVP Board meeting, April 2016 (Date & Venue tbc). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; Year-end review; LowCVP finances; policy developments; long-term busienss plan.  

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Bus Working Group, 26 April 2016, (Venue tbc). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; DfT update; LEB progress update; LEB guide, Greener Journeys Phase II.
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Passenger Car Working Group, 4 May 2016, (Venue tbc). On the agenda: 2016-17 work programme; WLTP; fiscal policy project; DfT and policy update.
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» UK councils warned of 'severe penalties' of fossil fuel divestment (Guardian):

» DfT sets out 2015-20 departmental plans

» Obama proposes $10/barrel clean transportation tax (BBC)

» Germany wants to introduce random emissions tests on cars (Reuters link)

» Tesla and Google lead the way in electric vehicle infrastructure push (Edie)

» EVENT: Hydrogen London Transport Fair: 16 March

» Mayor announces £5m 'no idling' scheme to tackle air pollution (London.gov)

» European AFV registrations up 20% in Q4 2015 (ACEA)

» VW plan 'radical' new electric vehicle for 2019 (Autocar)

» Sales Open for LCV Event 2016

» London Mayoral candidate pledges support for electric 'car sharing' scheme (Evening Standard)

» The battery storage revolution could happen more quickly than expected (Renew Economy)

» New consumer video from SMMT highlights automotive industry’s progress on air quality and CO2 (You Tube link)

» RAC Foundation says that there are EV charge points at two thirds of motorway service stations

» Driverless cars technology receives £20 million boost (BIS press release

» Aston Martin partners with Faraday Future backer, will bring electric RapidE to market in 2018 (Charged EVs link)

» Nissan Leaf electric cars hack vulnerability disclosed (BBC)

» Manufactures struggle to meet demand, ahead of plug-in grant deadline (GreenFleet)

» Millbrook announces further investment in powertrain facilities (Fleet News)

» Plug-in car grants: changes to grant level March 2016, OLEV guidance (gov.uk)

» Carbon Tsar appointed to ensure Gatwick becomes UK’s leading low carbon airport by 2025 (Gatwick press release)

» Bentley plans to take on Tesla with a luxury electric car (Business Insider)

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