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UK car production continues steady growth into 2014 UK car production rose 3.5% in the first four months of 2014 to nearly 655,000 units. Exports also rose 4.7% in the January to May period. Importantly exports of both UK-built cars and engines are increasing with nearly 80% of vehicles and 65% of engines now destined for outside the UK. The news comes as the LowCVP prepares to launch a new report at its Annual Conference on July 15 which examines whether a low carbon policy focus has been a spur to investment and growth in the UK automotive sector. Read more

International Developments

EU Government agree to 7% cap on use of food-based biofuels

EU governments have agreed to cap at 7% the amount of transport biofuels made from food crops. The level is higher than the original 5% cap as proposed by the Commission in 2012, and only modestly below the 8.6% expected under the original 2020 target. Environmental groups described the agreement as a “timid step” in the right direction.

Obama announces historic climate plan for energy sector.

For the first time in the United States' history, federal rules to reduce carbon emissions in the power sector by 30 per cent of 2005 levels by 2030 have been announced by President Obama. The Climate Action Plan proposes sweeping steps to limit heat-trapping pollution from coal-fired power plants and to boost renewable energy production on federal property.

LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference 2014 - full agenda announced. Booking up fast!

There's only two weeks left to register for the LowCVP's 2014 Annual Conference, which will take place on Tuesday July 15. The LowCVP welcomes EDF Energy as the 2014 Conference sponsor and is pleased to announce an extensive list of leading speakers, with the full agenda now accessible on the 2014 Conference website page. 

LowCVP studies map out routes to decarbonise road transport fuels

(LowCVP news release)The LowCVP, which has been at the forefront of policy formation for fuels in the UK, has today published twin reports which set out how the UK could meet the targets for 2020, defined in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, and proceed on a pathway to decarbonise road transport fuel in the period to 2030 and beyond. 

LowCVP identifies potential of UK minibus market for cutting carbon and local pollution

The LowCVP has completed a research project commissioned to provide detailed evidence about the UK market for minibuses and the potential they offer for reducing carbon emissions. Although bus and coach operators have small minibus fleets, they contribute a higher share of emissions as they are often higher mileage and relatively old vehicles. Taxi and private hire vehicles account for the largest proportion of emissions of CO2 as well as local pollutants NOx and PM.

LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards receives record number of nominations

The judging process has begun after this year's LowCVP's Low Carbon Champions Awards received a record number of entries. The organisation is now well under way for the Awards presentations which will take place at the low carbon transport networking event of the year at Jury's Inn, Milton Keynes on Wednesday September 10. The LowCVP has teamed up with Cenex-LCV to present the first LCV 2014 gala dinner featuring the the Champions Awards winners announcements. There are still opportunities to get involved in the event. 

Technology News

New £4.5m Future Technology Centre opens in Sunderland

A new 'Future Technology Centre' has opened in Sunderland, aiming to put the North East at the forefront of low carbon vehicle technology. It's the first of its kind in Europe and and aims to provide companies working in the automotive and low carbon vehicle sector with the opportunity to develop and commercialise innovative technologies.

Breakthrough in hydrogen technology cuts costs, improves practicality

A breakthrough by researchers at the UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council in the field of hydrogen production has been reported. The scientists say that they have developed a process for separating hydrogen from ammonia at much lower cost than currently used methods.

Policy Developments

Government publishes executive summary of first year results of Low Carbon Truck trials

The Government has published the executive summary of provisional results of the first year of the DFT's Low Carbon Truck Trial. The results show that HGVs running on natural gas - the most widespread fuel used in the trial - are cutting carbon emissions by up to 9% on a tank-to-wheel basis.

DfT announces £5m for Clean Vehicle Technology Fund to cut local air pollution

Transport minister Baroness Kramer has announced a £5m Clean Vehicle Technology Fund funding which aims to cut pollution in areas of poor air quality through action at local council level. The Fund will encourage action to cut emissions from buses and other vehicles primarily operating in urban areas.

DfT announces changes in support for installation of domestic EV recharging points

The Transport Minister Baroness Kramer has announced the next phase of support for plug-in car drivers to recharge their vehicles at home. 

Industry News

Tesla Model S launches in UK as Elon Musk announces opening of patents to encourage progress on EVs

Californian electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has launched its right-hand drive Model S in the UK and also confirmed speculation that it will open up its patents to allow other companies to make use of its electric vehicle technology. Meanwhile, Nissan has launched a new all-electric van in Europe. 

BMW and Sixt to bring point-to-point car club, DriveNow, to London

BMW and car rental firm Sixt is planning to launch a point-to-point car club in London. BMW/Sixt’s DriveNow venture was launched in Munich in 2011 and now operates in five German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Dusseldorf) plus San Francisco. The move comes very shortly after the operator of the UK’s first such scheme car2go, left the market. 


LowCVP Annual Conference 2014. "The Low Carbon Contribution: Driving Growth; Delivering Jobs"

The LowCVP's 2014 Annual Conference will take place on Tuesday 15 July in Central London. Focusing on how progress towards the delivery of low carbon road transport has coincided with rising growth and jobs in the auto sector, the event will announce the findings of new research, recently commissioned by the LowCVP. It will also provide a forum for discussion of low carbon transport policy in the local context as well as the politics and prospects for lower carbon fuels.

Cenex-LCV 2014 Dinner featuring the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is inviting organisations that have made a real difference in the area of low carbon transport to apply for the Low Carbon Champions Awards. There are seven categories, covering areas ranging from cars to innovations, and the winners will be announced at a new event – set to be the low carbon transport networking event of the year - on Wednesday September 10 2014.

IDP11/Off Highway Consortium Building and Networking Event

The Technology Strategy Board would like to to share the details of two exciting funding opportunities for UK technology organisations in the Automotive sector. 

UK AD and Biogas 2014

UK AD & Biogas 2014 is the UK’s only trade show dedicated exclusively to AD and biogas and attracts a directly interested audience. The event includes a free two day conference, 22 free seminars and an exhibition with over 270 exhibitors.

Business opportunities in heat, power & transport through H2 & fuel cells

The Knowledge Transfer Network in collaboration with the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association invite you to a free to attend “New Business opportunities in heat, power and transport through hydrogen and fuel cells” event held as part of Low Carbon Week at the International Festival of Business.

Reports & Studies

EU agrees deal on 7% limit for food-based biofuels

The European Union's energy ministers have agreed on a 7% cap on food-based fuels for use in transport; higher than the 5% originally recommended by the European Commission. The text agreed by energy ministers includes the reporting of ILUC emissions, but not their accounting in EU fuel quality targets.

RAC Foundation road transport report calls for greater emphasis on air quality

A new report from the RAC Foundation argues that ministers should consider introducing a new scrappage scheme aimed at taking the oldest and most polluting diesel cars off the road. The report, focusing on air quality and road transport, draws attention to the shift to diesel from petrol over the last twenty years.

5% considering buying an electric car: DfT new report on public attitudes towards EVs

5% of people are considering buying an electric vehicle, according to a new report published by the Department for Transport, while 56% said they had not thought about buying one. The study was carried out in February 2014, very shortly after the launch of the Government-industry 'Go Ultra Low' Communications campaign which was designed to boost EV uptake.

US “SuperTruck” effort demonstrates 50% vehicle-efficiency gains in heavy truck fleet trials

Interim progress reported by four truck industry consortia participating in the US DoE-sponsored R&D program shows that industry is on track toward efficiency goals—putting 10+ mpg average tractor-trailer fuel economy clearly within sight.

Report highlights prospects for liquid air technology in road vehicles

A new report says that the integration of liquid air into transport could see significant reductions in NOx, PM and CO2 emissions, reduce diesel consumption and costs for hauliers. The Liquid Air Energy Network has launched the latest report on liquid air technology at a conference in Westminster concluding a 9 month study.  

Preliminary tests suggest energy saving tyres most effective at higher speeds

A study by Emissions Analytics, the fuel economy testing consultancy, shows significant differences in the efficiency of 'energy saving' tyres when they are driven at mid-range speeds compared with higher, motorway-type speeds.


Bus Working Group,  17 September 2014, (venue tbc). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; Low Carbon Bus Symposium; development of low carbon bus policy; 2 guest speakers; monitoring low carbon bus market. 
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Passenger Car Working Group25 September 2014, (SMMT, 71 Great Peter St, SW1). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; low emission van guide and online tool; LDV policy framework; car buyer research; guest speaker. 
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Fuels Working Group2 October, (venue tbc). On the agenda: Infrastructure roadmap; Hitting the RED target, framework for fuels beyond 2020.
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Innovation Working Group, 9 October 2014, (BIS Centre, Victoria Street). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; Best practice in regional support for SMEs; market potential for L-Cat vehicles.
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Joint Group Working Projects, 15 October 2014, (DfT, Great Minster House, SW1). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; project updates.
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LowCVP Board meeting, 3 July 2014 (EST, 21 Dartmouth St, SW1). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; accounts and auditors sign-off, Annual Conference and Awards.

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