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LowCVP News, 30 May 2014
Obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut US carbon pollution

President Obama is to use Executive Authority to unveil an historic plan to tackle carbon pollution according to the latest news reports. The proposed regulations - which follow shortly after the publication of a landmark 1300-page US report on the threats posed to the US by climate change - could cut carbon emissions by 25%. However, the President anticipates strong opposition from political opponents.

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Policy Developments

European Commission sets out strategy to cut emissions from trucks, buses and coaches

Trucks, buses and coaches would use less fuel and emit lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) under a strategy just adopted by the European Commission. Such heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) are responsible for around a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU. Without action, HDV emissions in 2030-2050 are projected to remain close to current, unsustainable levels.

LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference now open for registrations; headline sponsor announced!

The LowCVP's 2014 Annual Conference, which will take place on Tuesday July 15, is now open for bookings. The LowCVP welcomes EDF Energy as the 2014 Conference sponsor and is pleased to announce an extensive list of leading speakers, now accessible on the 2014 Conference website page. 

Low Carbon Champions to be recognised by the LowCVP – nominations open!

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is inviting organisations that have made a real difference in the area of low carbon transport to apply for the Low Carbon Champions Awards. There are seven categories, covering areas ranging from cars to innovations, and the winners will be announced at a new event – set to be the low carbon transport networking event of the year - on Wednesday September 10 2014.

LowCVP Low Carbon Champions nominated for prestigious European Awards

Two of the nominated entrants for the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) Awards are 'graduates' of the 2012 LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards. Transport for London and Controlled Power Technologies (CPT)/ the European Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (EALABC) are amongst twelve entries celebrated at an event held today in Edinburgh. 

LowCVP 'green and growth' study receives over 100 submissions to call for evidence

The LowCVP study which aims to review the impacts of a low carbon policy focus on UK automotive investment, growth and jobs has received over 100 responses to its call for evidence. This input, along with interviews with industry and stakeholder leaders will inform the study, the results of which will be announced at the LowCVP's Annual Conference on July 15.

Opportunity to be at the heart of the low carbon transport networking event of the year

Do you want to be at the centre of the low carbon transport networking event of the year? The LowCVP has teamed up with Cenex-LCV to present the first LCV 2014 gala dinner featuring the announcement of the LowCVP Champions Awards winners at Jury's Inn, Milton Keynes on Wednesday September 10. The LowCVP is now seeking sponsors for each of the seven Champions Awards and for the single 'Grand Prix' Award. 

Reports & Studies

Report says five out of seven European car makers on track to meet 2021 CO2 targets

A new report from Brussels-based NGO Transport and Environment (T&E) says that five out of seven European carmakers are on course to meet their 95g/km CO2 targets by 2021 if they continue to progress on the same trajectory as they have done since 2008.

Air pollution causing 3.5 million deaths in the World each year - OECD Report

The world's largest economies are spending triillions of pounds to tackle poor air quality, with road transport pollution one of the most significant contributors, according to new research from the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Air pollution kills more than 3.5 million people a year globally, far more than was previously estimated. However, air pollution was implicated in fewer deaths in the UK in 2010 than five years earlier.

Climate Change News

LowCVP Conference speaker says huge changes are needed to reduce CO2 production

Professor Jim Skea who was closely involved in the process leading to the IPCC's recent report says that hitting the two-degree 'safe' target for climate change will require "technological and institutional change on a massive scale." Prof Skea, who is also a member of the UK's Committee on Climate Change, will be speaking at the LowCVP Conference on July 15 about his work with the IPCC. 

International Developments

World EV sales doubled in 2013; tax policy played a key, but variable, role in growth - report

A new study says that electric vehicle uptake is on the increase largely due to effective fiscal policies. The report from the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT) evaluated the response to fiscal incentives that governments in major vehicle markets worldwide have deployed to promote plug-in electric vehicles. 


LowCVP Annual Conference 2014. "The Low Carbon Contribution: Driving Growth; Delivering Jobs"

The LowCVP's 2014 Annual Conference will take place on Tuesday 15 July in Central London. Focusing on how progress towards the delivery of low carbon road transport has coincided with rising growth and jobs in the auto sector, the event will announce the findings of new research, recently commissioned by the LowCVP. It will also provide a forum for discussion of low carbon transport policy in the local context as well as the politics and prospects for lower carbon fuels.

Exhibition opportunities at the LowCVP Conference

There are a small number of opportunities for exhibitors at the LowCVP Conference on July 15. Exhibiting at the event gives the chance to communicate your message, product or ideas to policy makers as well as leading industry and other stakeholders. It also includes a free delegate place at the event...but hurry, there is only limited space!

TSB Off-Highway Vehicle Competition Scoping Workshop

The Technology Strategy Board is researching the needs and opportunities for a market intervention around the Off-Highway Vehicle sector, and would like to invite innovative UK companies and research organisations to a half-day workshop.

Cenex-LCV 2014 Dinner featuring the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is inviting organisations that have made a real difference in the area of low carbon transport to apply for the Low Carbon Champions Awards. There are seven categories, covering areas ranging from cars to innovations, and the winners will be announced at a new event – set to be the low carbon transport networking event of the year - on Wednesday September 10 2014.

UK AD and Biogas 2014

UK AD & Biogas 2014 is the UK’s only trade show dedicated exclusively to AD and biogas and attracts a directly interested audience. The event includes a free two day conference, 22 free seminars and an exhibition with over 270 exhibitors.

Other News

£75m Low Carbon R&D and Propulsion technologies fund launched

The Technology Strategy Board has announced that the second Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) competition is open for applications. £75 million is available and the fund will support collaborative R&D projects in the field of low-carbon propulsion technologies. 

Loughborough University invests £1.5m in advanced propulsion research

In efforts to address the challenge to develop the new advanced propulsion technologies required for the move to zero emission vehicles, Loughborough University has announced that it will invest £1.5M over five years in strategic research appointments. 

Car sharing scheme car2go announces closure of operations in London and Birmingham

Car2go, a car sharing business set up by Daimler and Europcar which operated in London and Birmingham, has announced that it is closing its UK operation, blaming the UK's strong culture and tradition of private vehicle ownership as the reason for its withdrawal.

Other LowCVP Meetings and Activities

Joint Group Working Projects, 5 June 2014, (IAM, Chiswick). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; LowCVP Conference and Awards; LowCVP new research - low carbon investment; EV label survey; Dissemination Plan; Bus market development update; Members survey; HGV programme update.
Members click here

Innovation Working Group, 13 June 2014, (The Proving Factory, Coventry). On the agenda: Advanced Propulsion Centre update; LowCVP Conference and Awards; ; L-Category vehicles; Future Cities; LEP Best Practice; facility tour. Members click here 

LowCVP Board meeting,3 July 2014 (Energy Saving Trust, SW1). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; LowCVP budget; future strategy. Members click here

Bus Working Group, 17 September 2014, (venue tbc). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; Low Carbon Bus Symposium; development of low carbon bus policy; 2 guest speakers; monitoring low carbon bus market. Members click here

Passenger Car Working Group, 25 September 2014, (SMMT, 71 Great Peter St, SW1). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; low emission van guide and online tool; LDV policy framework; car buyer research; guest speaker. Members click here

Fuels Working Group, 2 October, (venue tbc). On the agenda: Infrastructure roadmap; Hitting the RED target; E10. Members click here

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Current activities and projects taking place in each of the LowCVP's Working Groups: more information.


» LowCVP "one of the key factors in the development of green cars across our nation" (Green Car Website article)

» EU governments agreement allows biofuels debate to progress (T&E news link)

» UK Treasury modelling on climate change is 'deeply flawed' says report (EDIE news)

» UK energy is ‘too cheap’ says academic

» Fossil fuel subsidies reported as preventing transition to a low carbon economy

» European study assesses options for turning CO2 into methanol for use in transport (GCC news)

» Businesses call for positive vision of greener economy as election approaches (Aldersgate Group news)

» IPPR report: 'The long road to ruin: Why the UK needs to reform motoring taxes'

» Tesla announces plans to set up EV fast charge network in UK as Model S launched (Tesla news)

» David Kennedy to leave Committee on Climate Change, taking on new role (CCC news)

» Italy reveals plans for three new biofuels plants (Business Green link)

» Ride-sharing app seeks $500m investment (Wall Street Journal news)

» Commercial Group launches hydrogen van fleet in London

» New EV sharing programme being introduced in Malaysia

» Fleets sign up for £9m EV trial through My Electric Avenue (Fleet News link)

» EAC announces inquiry into air pollution

» Construction work begins on new AD Biogas plant in Cornwall

» Midland firm chosen to make UK first driverless cars

» New UKTI Chief Executive announced

» DfT biofuels statistics for year 6 of RTFO published

» Renault signs deal with LG Chem to jointly develop future batteries (Renault press release link)

» Aston Martin invests £20m and creates 250 new jobs at Gaydon (SMMT news)

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