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Policy Developments

European Parliament endorses 95g 'Cars and CO2' regulation

The European Parliament has voted in support of rules designed to achieve a new car CO2 emission reduction target of 95g/km by 2020. The text retains this target but includes a one-year “phase-in” period in 2020. It also allows “super credits”, whereby the cleanest cars in each manufacturer’s range count for more than others, to apply from 2020 to 2022. MEPs also voted to introduce a new test cycle to 'better reflect real driving conditions'. 

MEPs call for 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030; criticise 'unambitious' EC proposals

MEPs have voted for a 40% cut in CO2 emissions, a 30% target for renewable energy and a 40% target for energy efficiency by 2030, under the EU's new long-term climate-change policy. MEPs say the targets should be binding and they also criticise the European Commission's recent proposals as short-sighted and unambitious.

European Council adopts regulation on CO2 from new light commercial vehicles

The European Council has adopted rules which define how the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions from new light commercial vehicles should be reached. This is the final stage in the legislative process which means that from 2020, a target of 147 g CO2/km has been set for the average emissions of new light commercial vehicles registered in the EU.

European Commission launches legal proceedings against UK Government over failure to improve air quality

The European Commission has announced that it has launched legal proceedings against the UK for its failure to cut excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). NO2 is the main pre-cursor for ground-level ozone causing major respiratory problems which can lead to premature death. 

Budget 2014: Greener Journeys calls for 'Bus Bonus'; BVRLA urges support for ULEVs

In response to the Chancellor's call for policy ideas for the Budget on 19 March, LowCVP member BVRLA is urging the Government to introduce incentives to encourage business take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Greener Journeys, a bus industry collaboration, is calling for a 'Bus Bonus'; a tax incentive to encourage people to commute by bus.

Reports & Studies

Studies show untapped potential of biomass waste for transport fuels and energy in Europe

Fuel made from waste could replace 16% of all the fuel used on European roads by 2030 according to a new report by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). The reports findings are echoed in a separate report from Manchester University.

CCC publishes report on pathways to higher uptake of electric vehicles

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has recently published a report describing potential pathways to higher uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). The CCC has identified EVs as a key route to the long term decarbonisation of the road transport sector.

ICCT study concludes there are no technical barriers to use of higher blends of ethanol

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has released a paper assessing the technical barriers to the use of higher blends of ethanol. Broadly, the study concludes that  technical barriers do not prevent the use of higher blends of ethanol, and slow international uptake of blends such as E15 and E85 is due to other factors, including high cost, legal and warranty issues, and consumer awareness and acceptance.

LowCVP News

LowCVP responds to Government's call for evidence on advanced fuels

In its response to the Department for Transport's call for evidence on advanced fuels, the LowCVP says that delivering the level of CO2 reductions required from road transport will require both improved vehicle efficiency and reduced carbon intensity of fuels.

(Press release) LowCVP celebrates low carbon transport innovation at match-making event in London

From super-efficient electric powertrains to liquid-air engines and advances in fuel cells and in refrigerated transport, the LowCVP yesterday celebrated a range of innovations which have the potential to cut carbon emissions, improve efficiency and lower costs in the road transport sector.  

Other News

Norwegian electric vehicle boom reaches new heights

Electric car sales have been booming in Norway for some time, promoted by strong government incentives. The last quarter of 2013 surpassed expectations with the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf  outselling all conventional models. Dealers are predicting that within a year there will be more EVs in the capital, Oslo, than in Los Angeles and San Francisco combined.

Electric taxi service launched in London

Twenty electric vehicles built by China's BYD motors are now available for private hire on London's streets. London's first fleet of electric taxis comes into operation ahead of the 2018 deadline Mayor Boris Johnson has set for all new cabs to produce zero emissions. 

AA reports increasing numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles now in used car market

The AA is reporting a a big increase in the number of used hybrid and electric vehicles available for sale in the UK. Despite modest sales of new hybrid vehicles and EVs, there are now over 1250 hybrids and 100 EVs being offered on the company's website.

LowCVP Members Council, 5 March 2014, (One Birdcage Walk). On the agenda: Feedback on meeting with Transport Minister; Work Programme 2014-15; LowCVP and air quality; RED scenarios and Fuels road map; Election of Chair.
Members click here

Bus Working Group, 22 May 2014, (DfT, Great Minster House). On the agenda: Low carbon bus barriers and opportunities; Minibus market analysis report; Low emission bus symposium; Visiting case study speaker(s); Other tbc.
Members click here

Fuels Working Group, 8 May 2014, (BP, 20 Canada Square, Canary Wharf). On the agenda: 2014-15 work programme; LowCVP input to Advanced Fuels call for evidence; Future Fuels scenarios and 'road-map'; Used Cooking Oil volumes; E10.
Members click here

Passenger Car Working Group, 1 May 2014, (RAC Foundation, Pall Mall, London). On the agenda: Car Labelling Research; Low carbon investment research project; OLEV consultation update; LowCVP Conference and Awards; L-Category vehicles.
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LowCVP Board meeting, 27 March 2014 (Ricardo-AEA, Marble Arch). On the agenda: Ministerial communications; Future strategy; Board elections; RED and fuels road map; LowCVP new research - low carbon investment Working Group reports. 

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Current activities and projects taking place in each of the LowCVP's Working Groups: more information.


Gaseous Fuels for Road Vehicles

This seminar will examine the application and use of gaseous fuels in vehicles.  Delegates will be able to explore the different types of gases that can be used as fuels, and gain an insight into the benefits gaseous fuels have over traditional liquid fuels.  What difference can they make to emissions, and C02 and fuel consumption?  How can they be applied to passenger and commercial vehicles? (Note: LowCVP member discounts)

Sustainability Live

A leading UK event for energy efficiency, energy recovery, water and wastewater management comprising of NEMEX, IWEX and ENERGY RECOVERY. The event provides a free-to-attend keynote and seminar programme and the opportunity to compare products and services from a wide range of exhibitors.The LowCVP is participating in the seminar programme in the Energy Recovery theatre.

Carplus Annual Conference 2014 - Trends in shared transport: recent successes and future growth

The Carplus Annual Conference will be an opportunity to hear the latest news from the sector and to discuss some of the developing trends.  It will focus on the future of shared mobility and explore how we are preparing for it; the opportunities that lie ahead and what may need to be done to adapt.

IMechE Event: 11th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging

This international conference is the next in the Institution’s highly successful and prestigious series, held regularly since 1978, addressing current and novel aspects of turbocharging systems design, boosting solutions for engine downsizing and improvements in efficiency. Join us for the latest research and development in this growing and innovative area. Future market forces and environmental considerations for transportation, specifically in the passenger car, commercial vehicle and the marine sectors mean more stringent engine downsizing. Focusing on boosting solutions including hybrid, electric-motor and exhaust
waste energy recovery systems for high efficiency, reliability, durability and compactness, this conference will examine what new systems developments are underway.

TSB: High Performance, Low Carbon SME Showcase & Meet the Engineer

The Technology Strategy Board would like to invite you to an exciting event focussed at bringing SME’s in the automotive and motorsport sectors together, to demonstrate their capabilities to each other and find new customers in the SME, OEM, and Tier1 sectors.


» European Commission rules out fuel consumption meters and gear shift indicators for all LDVs

» ICCT studies: Incorporating trailers into a U.S. heavy-duty truck efficiency rule

» UK’s Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Technologies published

» Obama orders higher fuel standard for larger US trucks (Reuters link)

» China renews support for low carbon cars (Invest in China link)

» Over 1000 events lined up for Climate Week (3-9 March)

» New DfT, Fleetdrive and EST animation shows which EV is right for you (YouTube link)

» All new Green Car Guide website published

» China to extend EV subsidies beyond 2015 (Climate Action Programme link)

» California pursues emissions reduction to 80% below 1990 levels (Climate Action Prog link)

» Birmingham University launches innovative hydrogen car in India

» BDNT cooperates with ABB to roll out world’s largest EV fast charger network in China

» Waste coffee grounds set to fuel London vehicles (Guardian news link)

» Singapore pioneers autonomous electric cars (China Daily news link)

» Malta grant scheme to incentivise EV purchase

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